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Briana Barker

27-May-19Archery -Beginner

Oakleigh East VICFemale

Really looking to get involved in Archery more regularly. Did a few introductory sessions, eager to improve and learn. Can do some weeknights depending on uni schedule, also potentially weekends

Dinhara Jayawardena

14-May-19Archery -Beginner

329A Benara Road, Morley WAFemale, 15

I have never taken up archery as a sport before but would love to try this as it sounds so interesting! I am available on Saturdays & Sundays and would prefer locations in Morley, Noranda, Malaga or Mirrabooka

Michael Lambert

21-Mar-19Archery -Beginner

South Yarra VICMale, 42

I did this in high school (>25 years ago) and would be interested in doing it again

Tim O

01-Jan-18Archery -Beginner


Interested in giving this a go, would like to connect with someone else interested, or experienced who could give me some pointers

Emma Roberts

25-Oct-17Archery -Intermediate

Albert Park, VictoriaFemale, 31

Enjoy archery - I don't have any kit but happy to come along!

daniel fels

02-May-16Archery -Intermediate

Thornbury, VictoriaMale, 35

been having a shoot on and off for many years, but i dont have my own gear, looking at getting into it a little more seriously. looking for an opourtunity to have another go to see how keen i want to get with it, before i commit to buying all the gear....

Victoria Treacy

19-Oct-14Archery -Beginner


Never done archery before, looking to try it out casually before committing - are there any places in Adelaide that do this?

Sebastian Lion

23-Sep-14Archery -Intermediate


good level

Pola Bacolod

22-Jun-13Archery -Beginner


interested and very eager to join a club, learn the basics and master the skill!

Jason Willoughby

23-Nov-12Archery -Beginner

ORELIA, WAMale, 31

Interested in traditional longbows. Never done it before.

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