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Sam Rhodes

18-Feb-14Badminton -Intermediate

PERTH, WAMale, 41

Hi, I've just moved over from the UK and I'm looking to continue playing badminton or squash anytime between Monday - Thursday(I'm between intermediate and advanced level for both). I live in the CBD without a car at the mo, so anywhere north of the river and local to the city would be good! Cheers, Sam

lewis docherty

08-Feb-14Badminton -Advanced


just moved over from Scotland was in a couple of clubs and played in some tournaments and want to play over hear want to find partner to play singles and maybe play doubles can play any day of the week (bar a Friday) after school a live in Rockingham and if want to play all meet half way.so a really want to get a move on and play as soon as possible :)

Riya Murray

02-Feb-14Badminton -Intermediate

RIVERTON, WAFemale, 34

Hello. I am looking to get back into playing badminton a couple times a week, I haven't played for several years, but I would say I'm good. I'm flex with the days, but it would have to be evenings or during the day on weekends. Looking to play in areas south of the river or Perth city.

Mary Ann Baluyot

16-Jan-14Badminton -Beginner

BELDON, WAFemale, 39

Looking for a badminton partner to play with 2-3 times a week.

Ravikiran Sonawane

13-Jan-14Badminton -Intermediate


Hi, I am looking for group/ partner to practice badminton 1-2 days/ week.

Zeang Wong

07-Jan-14Badminton -Intermediate


Train every Thursday and Sunday. Looking for a partner to play competitions with about my level. C-D grades.

Kayden Quintal

06-Jan-14Badminton -Beginner

PERTH, WAMale, 37

Hi. I used to play Badminton as a hobby and would really love to start playing again. I live in the CBD, Perth City. Generally I'm free after 6pm Mon-Fri as I work office hours and flexible on weekends. I also work in Joondalup if that helps. All the badminton clubs seem to be in the suburbs. Any information you could give me or if anyone whose interested to play (just even in a non-breezy park somewhere) would contact me, that would be awesome! Thanks!!

Morgan Rajoo

05-Dec-13Badminton -Intermediate


hi, My name is Morgan and im 57years old and like to play badminton at intermediate level.I like to have a regular partner or team . I can play on evenings and sundays south of river. At the moment play I do play but wish to have a regular partner or team...

Luke Smith

17-Nov-13Badminton -Intermediate


24yo kiwi guy, I work 14 days on and 7 off, so can only play the week I'm home but very keen to get back into it, I have played for about 6 years in and off used to be on the school team. Enjoy the fitness and want to find people in northern suburbs Perth to play with. New to the area. Email me when you can play and we will sort out a time.

Angie Larcher

23-Oct-13Badminton -Beginner

KIARA, WAFemale, 35

Hi, i am interested in a little bit of everything and open to most things. Looking to commit to something once a week, after hours for general fitness. NOR is best. I used to be very active, sports captain at high school etc but have lost my way in the last decade :) happy to meet new people and try something new like squash, cycling, badminton, rollerblading,netball, i'll give anything a go.

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