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Pradyut Vatsa

13-Nov-17Badminton -Intermediate

Parramatta, New South WalesMale, 34

Aiming to hone my singles game playing with similar/higher skilled players. Intermediate level myself. Can play 2-3 times per week. Playing regularly for 2 years now. Mostly doubles, occasionally singles. Preferably in the city. Hit me up.

Lavanya Ravikumar

08-Nov-17Badminton -Intermediate

Parramatta, New South WalesFemale, 37

Hi I have passion in playing badminton I am a good player till my schooling, now I don't know how I'll play but finding a company to play on regular bases PCYC has court if any one interested v can book the court for practices . I am ok at mornings evenings on weekdays preferable at Parramatta

Li Xu

07-Nov-17Badminton -Intermediate

Maroubra, New South WalesMale, 30

i finish my work at 6 pm, i will be available after 7pm weekdays, near Maroubra if possible.

Rajneesh kakkar

25-Oct-17Badminton -Advanced

Parramatta, New South WalesMale, 42

I would like to check here if we have some good badminton courts in and around Paramatta. I am playing badminton for last 12 years and played at good level back in India and look forward to get back into rhythm. Any leads would be appreciated for any partners/Good Courts.

Arjun Nair

23-Oct-17Badminton -Intermediate

Breakfast Point, New South WalesMale, 34

Looking for players to play badminton at the five docks leisure centre court... available on weekends and evenings (after 7pm) on weekdays. Intermediate skill level haven't been playing recently, would love to get back to a regular routine.

Jose Diputado

14-Oct-17Badminton -Intermediate

St Marys, New South WalesMale, 36

I have played badminton for 3-4 years on/off in Singapore. Since arriving in Sydney last year, I haven't played at all. I would definitely like to get back into the game. I am available only on weekends. My wife also plays badminton. She's still a beginner, but she knows how to play the game.

Nagarjuna Kommuri

26-Sep-17Badminton -Intermediate

Parramatta, New South WalesMale, 29

I have been playing badminton for an year now! In and around parramatta region

Amit Pande

05-Aug-17Badminton -Beginner

Strathfield, New South WalesMale, 32

Do not know how to classify myself. As a beginner or intermediate. I think I'm somewhere in between. Looking to find the "In between's" near Strathfield... We can go to Olympic park during weekends or any other place suggested..

Rony R

25-Jul-17Badminton -Intermediate

Wiley Park, New South WalesMale

Looking for someone to play with. Played 12 years ago

Navneet Saini

10-Jul-17Badminton -Beginner

Toongabbie, New South WalesMale

Played in past but not regular. Wna play for fun and some sports activity to do.

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