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Saba Yhy

22-Aug-18Badminton -Intermediate

Milton QLDFemale, 19

I have not actually played badminton professionally but most certainly enjoy playing this sport as it's a lot of fun and running - sometimes haha I play about 6-10 times a year but would want to play more I have a great badminton set to play with you only need the passion :)

Leena Tirapongpatana

22-Aug-18Badminton -Professional

Blackburn VICFemale, 30

Hi Everyone I'm a former national team from Thailand. I played WS for main (Back then) but I can play WD and XD as well. I'm looking for players to play with on the weekend. MSAC is convenient for me Thanks !

Derek Lam

19-Aug-18Badminton -Advanced

Baulkham Hills NSWMale, 42

I am looking to pick up again my favourite sport that I played pretty well during my teenage years. Just wonder if anyone at similar skill level is interested to play near Baulkham Hills. Any time during the weekends and public holiday should generally be fine for me.

Mathushah Satheesan

10-Aug-18Badminton -Beginner

Strathfield NSW

I have been playing badminton socially hence I am a beginner. Interested to join a couple of people my age (20-28) to play singles/doubles

Luke Frohling

31-Jul-18Badminton -Intermediate

East Brisbane QLD 4169Male, 44

I'm back in Kangaroo point (though I may travel to Berry, NSW, every now and again) and I love playing Badminton :) I have played here in Australia and Thailand. I live in Kangaroo Point and would prefer to travel to courts that are easily bussed to. I'm flexible as to social or competitive. I've been playing for a few years now and I'm available most nights and days. Thanks!

Olivier ALCIDE

29-Jul-18Badminton -Advanced

Killara NSW 2071Male

Hi, I am looking for a few badminton buddies for some good fun games - doubles or singles. I have played badminton for a long time, technically versed but not very fit at the moment. Ideally, looking for 2-3 hours during weeknights, if possible in the northern area - not too far from Killara.

Cyril Wilson

22-Jul-18Badminton -Intermediate

Maidstone VICMale, 25

Looking for places to join and play badminton on a daily basis. Help me if there is some places like dat. I have been playing continuesly for last three years but since i landed in melbourne thats this jan its been on saturday nights .

Jamie Nguyen

14-Jul-18Badminton -Beginner

Inala QLD 4077Male

I'm a biginner at this sport and looking for a partner to play socially weeknights.

redemtus jawa

12-Jul-18Badminton -Advanced

Kew VICMale, 38

I have been playing badminton for more than 15 years but most for the exercise. I am free most of the nights. I like also playing soccer. It is good if it is not far from my home in Kew or BoxHill.

Melvin Tejano

11-Jul-18Badminton -Intermediate

Marsden Park NSWMale, 38

Been playing on and off for th past 10 years. I’m an intermediate level. Available on weekdays after 7 pm and weekends. Preferable location to play in Seven Hills or closer.

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