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Emalea Williams

26-Jan-21Basketball -Intermediate

Auchenflower Stadium, Dixon Street, Auchenflower QLDFemale, 21

Hi. I am looking to learn how to play basketball. I played netball for 7 years and would like a change. I would also like to learn more about the sport. I am available Mondays, Thursdays and from 6:30pm every other day.

Idriss W

22-Jan-21Basketball -Advanced

Pakenham VICMale, 22

6'4 SG/SF

Audrey Woodburn

19-Jan-21Basketball -Beginner

Footscray VICFemale, 23

I started playing basketball during lockdown and started to enjoy it, gets boring with 1 or 2 people. Not much experience but want to get better and playing with a team! I’m available week day evenings and can get to 5km radius of footscray

Kaitlynd B

16-Jan-21Basketball -Intermediate

Moorabbin VICFemale, 33

Hi my name is Kaitlynd, I am looking for a team to play in after work, I have been playing since I was 6 however I am a little bit rusty as I haven't played in about 2 years. ?? I am available to play nights, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday I dont have a car at the moment so I'm looking to play somewhere close to Moorabbin.

David J

15-Jan-21Basketball -Beginner

Melbourne VIC 3000Male, 30

Me and a mate are looking to find a group/club to play basketball. We're both 30yr old, I'm 194cm and his 180cm. Can play forward/guard. Skill level somewhere between beginner-intermediate. We are very flexible and are available most days during the week and weekend. Location preferably not too far from the CBD. Please message me first on 0466454685 - cheers!

Jason Henshall

13-Jan-21Basketball -Beginner

Cranbourne VICMale, 21

Never played a game in my life haha... only during high school PE. Keen to learn and put in the work if you have training nights I’ll be there. Though I will need a lot of help in the beginning.

Zoe North

11-Jan-21Basketball -Intermediate

Berwick VIC

Been playing for over 10 years Available all weeknights Would play in Dandenong, Knox, Cranbourne and pakenham

Jaydan Bloye

10-Jan-21Basketball -Intermediate

Glen Waverley, VictoriaMale, 29

29yo, 6'2, defensive minded and have been playing on and off consistently my whole life. Have played all 5 spots but prefer SF, happy to play the C and backup PG if needed. Handles, passing, mid-range are all solid - but not a strong 3pt shooter. Looking to join a consistent mens team that have experience at MSAC or close to the CBD

Maddi Jamieson

07-Jan-21Basketball -Beginner

Ormiston QLDFemale, 27

Hi! My names Maddi, I'm 27 and recently moved to Brisbane under a week ago after finishing my teaching degree. Look, to be honest, I have absolutely no experience with basketball , but am super into fitness and run 4-5 times a week. However, I've always loved watching basketball and would love to get involved with a team here in Brisbane to have some laughs, move my body and hopefully meet some people! At the moment I'm available any night of the week to join a team and have my own car so getting to a game is no issue! Happy to look for a vacancy in a team anywhere in the general inner brisbane surrounds

Dan Marthick-Hone

03-Jan-21Basketball -Intermediate

Sunshine VIC 3020Male, 28

Haven't played in a while and Looking to get back into it. Have only ever played intermediate and for fun, so that's what I'm after. I'm 6'5" and available most nights. Looking for something in the Northern Suburbs. Preferably Stables Stadium.

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