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Maria Paps

02-Nov-19Cycling -Beginner

Cheltenham VICFemale, 49

Would love a cycling buddy for leisure and healthy excersise. Am in Cheltenham. Prefer local buddy. :-)

Derek Finn

02-Nov-19Cycling -Intermediate

Upper Mount Gravatt QLD 4122Male, 38

Keen to check out tracks around Brissie mid week.

Jono Wilson

29-Oct-19Cycling -Intermediate

Hawthorn VICMale, 41

Getting back into cycling after leg surgery however have been cycling for around 20 years on and off. At this stage 30-60km ideal looking to build up. Available most days. I’m in Hawthorn and ride Yarra Blvd, Yarra trail or beach road.

Ross Harp

14-Sep-19Cycling -Intermediate

Bayswater VICMale

Looking for cycling partner

Lili -

21-Jul-19Cycling -Intermediate

Sydney Olympic Park NSWFemale, 39

Looking for someone to ride with on weekends

Justin Jeon

25-May-19Cycling -Intermediate

Indooroopilly ???? ? 4068Male

I enjoy cycling around brisbane city in the early morning but not professional just for relaxing and working out for a fit. If you have in mind to race together usually starting at Regata Toowong, let's go together. I prefer 2~3 times a week in the early morning.

Matt Z

14-Apr-19Cycling -Intermediate


Hi all; I’m looking for someone I can cycle with for leisure around Merri trail in Northcote. Cheers.

Gavin F

06-Apr-19Cycling -Intermediate

Parramatta NSW 2150Male, 40

Looking for a cycling buddy. I can consider myself an intermediate rider, but would enjoy some good company to make the experience more joyful and organised. I ride at paramatta park area, but I am keen in exploring other areas.

isha gupta

03-Apr-19Cycling -Advanced

Melbourne Central, Melbourne VICFemale, 20

i am pursuig sports from india but never did horse riding. i will be availabe on tuesday,thursday and friday ( any change in availability let uh know). i am living in footscray its good if i get near by area for training.

Lincoln Heathcote

04-Feb-19Cycling -Intermediate

Huntly VICMale, 42

Looking to find people interested in mountain biking

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