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Belinda Lillas

01-Apr-11Cycling -Beginner


would like to start cycling at different bike tracks, no on road cycling though. I am available on weekends.

Dennis Maddock

26-Feb-11Cycling -Intermediate


Ride along the Yarra, beach road and similar. Be great to meet more people to go cycling :-)

Mia Wilkinson

26-Feb-11Cycling -Beginner

NEWPORT, VICFemale, 33

I would love a partner! But am not very fit and i just do it for the love of it.

Lisa Coonan

16-Feb-11Cycling -Intermediate

ELTHAM, VICFemale, 52

Looking at doing some cycling and finding some new buddies to do it with on weekends.

Andrew H

30-Jan-11Cycling -Advanced


Have been Mt Biking for years and enjoy any terrain or just the casual x-country ride. I'm happy to ride for company but if you want a challenge in x-country / Mt biking im happy to pressure each other for mutual improvement in fitness. FYI: Not into breaking bones, too old for that so fitness first, jumping down cliffs and rocks 2nd ;> I'm also quite happy on Melbourne bike paths for casual ride + chat :> Happy to travel to most locations.

Adrian Daniels

07-Nov-10Cycling -Beginner


Hi looking for someone to ride with. Just getting back into exercising the old body. Looking to improve and go onto longer distances and onto tours. First things first.

Toni Newie

30-Oct-10Cycling -Intermediate

NEWTOWN, NSWFemale, 36

I am a road rider from the inner west, like to train alone mostly, but would be keen for someone to go on a regular or one off rides!! I start work at 8 during the week, so am rides are prob out, but after work or early am weekend rides could be cool!! I am thinking initially riding to centenial and doing some Laps, but generally quite open!!!

Sid Man

26-Sep-10Cycling -Beginner

BUTLER, WAMale, 43

hi i started cycling for fitness and fun almost every second day.i would like to cycle with someone else just to have company.if you are interested let me know please

Amir Yazdani

22-Sep-10Cycling -Intermediate


Looking for a beginner or an intermediate. Not for competing, just for fun I live in Richmond VIC, I dont mind driving

Cat Crane

02-Sep-10Cycling -Intermediate

BRADDON, ACTFemale, 39

Am looking for people to go riding with either early morning or weekends, usually 30km a session or longer rides on weekends. I have been road cycling for a couple years and also enjoy the social aspects of riding.

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