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Toni Newie

30-Oct-10Cycling -Intermediate

NEWTOWN, NSWFemale, 36

I am a road rider from the inner west, like to train alone mostly, but would be keen for someone to go on a regular or one off rides!! I start work at 8 during the week, so am rides are prob out, but after work or early am weekend rides could be cool!! I am thinking initially riding to centenial and doing some Laps, but generally quite open!!!

Sid Man

26-Sep-10Cycling -Beginner

BUTLER, WAMale, 42

hi i started cycling for fitness and fun almost every second day.i would like to cycle with someone else just to have company.if you are interested let me know please

Amir Yazdani

22-Sep-10Cycling -Intermediate


Looking for a beginner or an intermediate. Not for competing, just for fun I live in Richmond VIC, I dont mind driving

Cat Crane

02-Sep-10Cycling -Intermediate

BRADDON, ACTFemale, 39

Am looking for people to go riding with either early morning or weekends, usually 30km a session or longer rides on weekends. I have been road cycling for a couple years and also enjoy the social aspects of riding.

Martijn Tiemens

21-Aug-10Cycling -Intermediate


I used to ride my Mountainbike (Klein Attitude Race) quite a lot but that all stopped when I came to Australie (there are just too many things to do here). I used to do a lot if cross country riding (I think it's called here) up to 80km / ride every weekend. I am available during weekends and I am really looking for someone / a group to tag along and go for a nice ride every once in a while. As I have a car everything within an hours (/hour and a half) drive from Sydney is fine with me.

Ildi Ildi

18-Aug-10Cycling -Intermediate

GLEBE, NSWFemale, 56

I have a not too flash mountain bike & I've love cycling and would enjoy some company mainly on week ends.

Tianlong Lu

22-Jul-10Cycling -Intermediate


I am riding bicycle around melbourne city everday !

Aaron Wannamaker

08-Jul-10Cycling -Advanced


New to SA would like to find some great rides, Roadie,MTB, or Lowracer Recumbent


12-Jun-10Cycling -Intermediate


just started cycling on a more regular basis and been increasing my distances. Looking for someone who is happy to do sunday morning rides around 40-50km or so.

Miriro Bote

16-Apr-10Cycling -Intermediate

ARMADALE, WAFemale, 41

rode a bike pretty much all my life going to school etcc... just bought a mountain bike, and wondering how to make make more use of it

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