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Lesley Webber

02-Nov-16Dancing -Beginner

Kilcoy, QueenslandFemale

Rockabilly and 4 step Learning for one year. brisbane, Ipswich.

Karl Stevens

21-Oct-16Dancing -Intermediate

Bald Hills, QueenslandMale, 61

Hi I am looking for a companion to do social dancing with. I have experience in some dance styles (including Tango, Bolero, Zouk, and Bachata) and I find the leader follower dynamic to be amazing. Can you follow? Can you work with me to make our own dance dynamic better? I live on Brisbane Northside.

Glen Parker

15-Jul-16Dancing -Beginner

Wakerley, QueenslandMale

Hi I am a 49 year old male who has just started learning Salsa and Bacharta and would like to practice more often. If u are a lady within 25 km of Wynnum area then let me know! Cheers Glen

Melissa Massey

22-May-16Dancing -Beginner

Innisfail, QueenslandFemale, 28

Hi just looking for someone to do some social dancing with. I love rock n roll dancing, but am open ballroom or anything really. Just want someone to have fun n dance with!!! No really experience apart from the usually social outings and a few lessons here n there.

Jessica Browning

07-Mar-15Dancing -Beginner


I used to dance Rock n Roll for three years, though a bit rusty I will pick it up again easily. I am also interested in expanding my horizons a little bit into Swing, Latina/Salsa and Ballroom none of which I have any experience. I would prefer to stick to the Southside/ city area and looking for a partner similar to my own age. If interested please send me a email.

Maia Haitana

18-Feb-15Dancing -Beginner


I love dancing. I've done about two classes in my life lol I'm pretty confident I have rhythm lol would love to dance again! Preferably hiphop rnb. Anywhere in the Logan area.

PrincessVirgo Virgo

20-Mar-14Dancing -Intermediate


I love ballroom dancing. Been dancing socially for 5 years. Looking for a dancing partner who can dance well to practise dancing with me and also to go to the club to dance socially with me. Not looking for a relationship. Just wanted a dancing partner.

Jeanette Mcmillan

19-May-13Dancing -Intermediate

ASCOT, QLDFemale, 56

Have done over 20 years of various dance performed on stage for competition dance such as jazz tap, flamenco started cha cha, salsa and tango 2 years ago but stopped due to not finding a partner who shares my passion particularly tango I live in the Hamilton area would like to find a male partner who has great rhythm and seeking a steady partner I am available during the week and weekends

Pauline Thompson

13-May-13Dancing -Advanced


I have been dancing now for 5 years and have completed medals up to Gold Bar in Modern, New Vogue and Latin, I would love to go into competition and looking for a partner who is willing to try out in Masters 1 Level 1 or 2.. I love to train hard and really want to do this with a partner who is willing to learn and grow with me as a dance partner, I am however only 5ft tall with out shoes.. Please contact me if you live in Brisbane and want to give competitiuon dancing a go!!

glenn polk

15-Apr-13Dancing -Beginner


come dance with me

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