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Sarah Windsor

14-Sep-12Dancing -Intermediate

BLI BLI, QLDFemale, 41

I have completed bronze cross modern and bronze star latin medals and am currently training for bronze bar new vogue and silver latin medals. I am looking for a male partner to practice with at social dances.

Kayla Mitchell

30-Aug-12Dancing -Beginner

MOORINA, QLDFemale, 27

hi my name is Kayla and i live on the north side of Brisbane and am looking for someone who is willing to come to my studio as i am being trained by a 3 generation studio i am looking for someone who is interested in ballroom,new vogue and a little bit of Latin I LIVE IN MORAYFIELD

Mary Chung

01-Aug-12Dancing -Beginner

CAIRNS, QLDFemale, 58

Started learning ballroom dancing February 2012. Classes on Thursday nights. Available to practise Friday and Saturday nights also.

Townsville Dancer

24-Jun-12Dancing -Advanced


I've been dancing socially for about 20 years and would probably be intermediate to advanced level. I'm interested in variety/sequence, ballroom and would love to dance more often, perhaps three times a week. I live in Townsville, North Queensland.

Scott Freeman

06-Jun-12Dancing -Intermediate


Looking for ladies age 25-40 to go social dancing with . Over the years I've danced quite a lot of ballroom/Nv/Latin, Salsa/street Latin, Lindy hop/swing and rockabilly . Interested in going to social dances for a bit of fun. I'm quite tall so looking for med-tall ladies . Not really interested in doing any competion dancing at present but keen for social dancing.

Pamela Took

31-May-12Dancing -Intermediate

BUNYA, QLDFemale, 65

I love all dancing New Vogue, Modern, Latin and Tap like to find a suitable partner prefer someone over 5'10' tall

Lynne Charsley

30-May-12Dancing -Intermediate

BUDERIM, QLDFemale, 70

I have been dancing since I was a child but as an adult I did competition square dancing and round dancing( like new vouge) for 25years. I was also a judge for the competative square dance society for years. I am an intermediate new vougue and ballroom dancer, but love rock n roll/jive and swing. I have been told by my teachers that I have a wonderful floor presence and I certainly enjoy my dancing and happy to experience most forms. I would really like to have more r/r and would happily do my medals if anyone was interested.I am also happy to travel down to Brisbane on a regular basis if need be.I look much younger than my age and I am quite fit and strong, and can stay on the dance floor for longer than most others much younger than I, also I am retired so day time and evening and weekends are all available.

Lynne Charsley

08-Apr-12Dancing -Intermediate

BUDERIM, QLDFemale, 70

Hi there i have done competition square dancing for 20 odd years and also Round dancing ( thats like new vouge)and i also judged both types of dancing. My teacher tells me i am intermediate ballroom standed and I will certainly get better withmore lessons. I just love Rock and roll and would love to competition latin and jive. Everywhere i have danced i am told that i am a pleasure to watch. However what is important s that i would love to dance with someone who really wants to dance to. The other thing is that i do look a lot younger than my given age. looking forward to hearing from you x

Kayla Mitch

21-Mar-12Dancing -Beginner


available when ever, anywhere in or around sunnybank,

Gauta Brown

01-Feb-12Dancing -Advanced


Latin Dancing for 2 1/2 years, Zouk Lambada, Salsa, Bachata and others. Main social nights Fri and Sat nights. Dance Practice sessions, Sat afternoons.

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