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Peter Zhu

11-Jul-11Dancing -Beginner


I would like to seek a female dancing partner in the southside of brisbane.My level is beginner advance.I am 28 years old .you can contact me 0433198254.I am free at weekday after 6pm. and weekends.

Josie Muspratt

02-Jul-11Dancing -Intermediate

IPSWICH, QLDFemale, 38

I am looking for a dance partner to attend Rock and Roll lessons with every monday night and on social outings. I have been dancing for 5 months and loving every minute of it. I am a member of ipswich just rock, lessons are Monday nights from 7:30pm- 9pm @ swifts sports club Booval.

Sylvia Stewart

09-Apr-11Dancing -Intermediate


Have done Waltz, Foxtrot, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Tango, Samba, Swing ,Merengue, Mambo, Bolero, Foxy, Polka, Twostep, etc.....very limited New Vogue. Lessons have spanned off/on over 15 years. Available weekends, any but Wed. night.


22-Mar-11Dancing -Beginner


I have been dancing for about 8 months and I love it! I started with solo dancing (Jazz, Contemporary etc) and have recently moved into partner dancing (so far only jive). I am interested in taking up more partner dancing in particular Latin, Salsa and especially West Coast Swing. If anyone is looking for a partner or knows a good place to learn these dances, please contact me. I am usually available Friday nights, weekends and Monday nights.

Xenia Sidiropoulos

06-Mar-11Dancing -Intermediate

MILTON, QLDFemale, 36

Hi my name is Xenia,27. I haven't been dancing for some time now but would love to choin a dance club to start again.I am looking for a dance partner to join me.

Liza Roberts

04-Mar-11Dancing -Beginner


have been learning latin and ballroom for over 18 months, would love to do more,

Kaye Fainges

09-Jan-11Dancing -Intermediate

LAIDLEY, QLDFemale, 55

I began serious dancing over 20 years ago with strict rockabilly rocknroll. Over the years added 4 step, slow swing etc, several sequence dances and not to forget some Old Time. I've only had a few long term dance partners and with those circumstances changing I haven't danced for about a year with the exception of Wintersun 2010. I really miss it and would love to meet someone around 45 - 55 who loves to rocknroll. I prefer to dance particular styles, but of course, we follow the leader, so I've had to dance a mishmash of many styles rolled into one at time. I'd prefer to keep things relaxed, and dance fairly local at either Ipswich or Toowoomba and club dances etc.. open to invitations and suggestions.

Florian Guldenfels

28-Dec-10Dancing -Intermediate


I'm dancing since about 2 years, almost weekly, Ballroom and Latin dances and currently join a dance studio in the Valley. I'm 1,98m tall, 27yo, german. Feel free to contact me if you like dancing or looking for a dance partner.

Emma Devine

27-Sep-10Dancing -Beginner


Hey we a 2 females who is looking at playing in a team during the week, anyone know how we go about it ???


21-Sep-10Dancing -Intermediate


hey my name is cindy im 23 and im lookin to do dancing in brisbane preferably the northside i havent done dancing since i was younger but i believe i have the passion to pick it up quickly again as i dance all the time at home and when out! :)i would like to do jazz, tap and hip hop! :)i am currently in melbourne but moving to brisbane early ocotber :)

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