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Rubi Vi

29-Nov-19Dancing -Advanced

Holland Park QLD

Looking for an experienced ballroom and latin dancing..salsa bachata

Kim Harry

24-Oct-19Dancing -Beginner

Gympie QLDFemale, 48

Only beginning to learn other latin dances. I would like to learn the salsa, bachata, merengue and zouk. Can already do the cha cha cha. Seeking male partner to meet up with for latin dancing organised parties of Let's Dance Latin held in Buderim.

Sean McMahon

04-Oct-19Dancing -Intermediate

Brisbane QLDMale

Intermediate Salsa & Bachata student looking for a commited dance partner. Would like to practice/ train and look at competing in the future.

Shirley Johnson

02-Oct-19Dancing -Intermediate

Hobart TASFemale, 65

Have been learning rock and roll for two years, my dance partner passed injuly now looking for someone to learne with me.

Amanda Jones

26-Sep-19Dancing -Beginner

Marsden QLD 4132Female, 40

I ballroom and Latin danced many years ago and did some medals but that was a long time ago. I am now wanting to find a partner for lessons and possibly competitions in the future. I am 5'5".

Jay Nolan

23-Sep-19Dancing -Intermediate

Melbourne VICMale, 32

Hi I’m competed in fitness modelling some time ago. I’m a fit active person now wants to compete in dance - preferably salsa And improve myself going to socials but I wouldn’t mind any other styles either! I have completed up to bronze in salsa And I continue to learn further. Please write to me if you are interested in practicing for any comps as well as going to any socials.

Cheyenne Hennessy

18-Sep-19Dancing -Beginner

Kawana QLDFemale, 24

Looking for a dance partner to dance with permanently want to do Ballroom Dancing, Latin Dancing, Salsa Dancing,Rockabilly Dancing and Tap and Jazz and many more... I've been dancing since 2013 and have been dancing in dance studios for Tap, Jazz and Ballet. I want to get out there and dance professional and enter competitions it's all about having fun and enjoying myself, doesn't matter what age you are as long as you can keep up and have the passion for dancing I'm down for it.

Andrea T

14-Sep-19Dancing -Intermediate

Brisbane QLDFemale, 56

I am looking for a committed dance partner who has a passion for either Ballroom or New Vogue. I am 171cm without shoes and 56 y/o. Looking to enter comps and am currently doing Gold Star medals in New Vogue. Based on the Sunshine Coast training with coach Luke Brown. I have been dancing for 5 years and have a ballet background.

robyn m

02-Sep-19Dancing -Intermediate

Glenelg SAFemale, 55

Looking for male dance partner for rock n roll dancing. I used to do a lot of it many years ago and wanting to get back in to it. Prefer west or southern suburbs

Stephen Wilson

02-Sep-19Dancing -Beginner

Sutherland NSW 2232Male, 55

Looking for a dance partner, would love to do rockabilly, rock and roll. Regards Steve

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