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Richard Choo

18-Sep-09Dragonboat -Advanced


My name is Richard. I am a Dragonboat paddler and have been paddling for more than 2 years. My dragonboat club is looking for new paddlers for our team. We are based in Sydney & train at Blackwattle Bay (Pyrmont), underneath the Anzac Bridge. There are races every month during the season & 2 major races: Darling Harbour in February & NSW state champs in Penrith Olympic Regatta Centre in March. Below is a bit of background about dragonboating. Please contact me for details if you are interested in joining this fun, yet very comptetitive sport. ------------------------------------------------- The sport of dragon boating has penetrated the waterways of countries around the world and has recently been identified as the fastest growing water sport in Australia. It is no surprise with each crew comprising 22 people! Dragon boating is a unique sport in its ability to attract a broad demographic of members with varying cultural and occupational backgrounds, as well as varying degrees of

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