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Matthew Walton

05-Sep-17Golf -Beginner

Carlton, VictoriaMale, 28

Beginner golfer, played a lot over the years but never consistently enough to get that good. Shoot about 90-100. Don't drive but got my own clubs and gear. Looking for a buddy or buddies around the same level, don't take it to seriously and maybe have a beer along the way or afterwards. Cheers for reading and look forward to your response, Matt.

Sara A.

21-Jun-17Golf -Beginner

Doncaster East, VictoriaFemale, 41

I just recently started playing golf, had some lessons, go to the driving range and/or golf sims whenever I can. I would really love to have a regular golfing buddy/buddies whom I can improve my game with and just have some fun. I work shifts as an RN so my schedule varies from week to week, but would know my roster one month in advance. I live in the East side of Melbourne.

Gary Birch

10-Jun-17Golf -Intermediate

Westfield Doncaster, Doncaster Road, Doncaster, VictoriaMale, 57

Playing of and on over many years. Available anytime, work permitting. Anywhere in Victoria, but I would like to explore other interstate courses while winter in Melbourne.

Vipin Kaushik

11-May-17Golf -Intermediate

Mount Waverley, VictoriaMale

Hi, I am an Golf enthusiast, who has played for couple of years , but have been out of touch for some years now. Looking to pick up again and am available most weekends for a round anywhere in Melbourne. I hit 95- 100 on a good day. :-) Needless to say I am not that good, so if you are interested for a round of not so serious golf and a drink after, lets connect.

Peter Caspar

05-Apr-17Golf -Beginner

Doreen, VictoriaMale, 42

Hi I'm new to golf, highly addicted already playing 3-4 times per week. I shoot between 90-100. I'm looking for any males or females that might like to play a round of golf here and there. Just looking to expand my social network and make some new friends doing something that is fun.

Lance Hein

31-Mar-17Golf -Beginner

Docklands, VictoriaMale, 26

Started playing golf around end of 2016. Decent player, in my opinion, and played a couple of games before. Need improvement on my game. Mostly available except Tuesday and Thursday. Up to play on any course within 50km of Melbourne city unless it has awesome scenery.

lily Jones

28-Mar-17Golf -Beginner

Melbourne, VictoriaFemale

Hi, i am very new to golf and would like to improve my game. I am available most weekdays and weekends depending on work requirements. Happy to try any course in melbourne.

Jennifer Chan

19-Mar-17Golf -Intermediate

Melbourne, VictoriaFemale, 33

I'll be traveling to Melbourne from 13 - 17 Apr. Have only been on course twice and looking to improve my game.

Robert Foot

19-Mar-17Golf -Beginner

Reservoir, VictoriaMale, 55

Played gold ocassionally off and on a while back, but haven't played in 10 years...have more time lookng to play again more regularly. Friday/Monday/weekends best days for me.

David O

25-Feb-17Golf -Intermediate


I have been playing on and off for a while just on a casual basis (never had lessons or anything, just picked it up from what my parents told me). I usually hit around 100 shots per 18. I'm available some weekends and week days just depends on work. I live in Mitcham and I am willing to travel. Send me a MSG to "tee up" a time to have a round!

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