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Sach Fdo

13-Jan-22Hiking -Beginner

Australian Capital TerritoryMale

I'm a fan of hiking, travelling and beaches. I've taken a couple of hikes in Canberra. I'm available on weekends and I'm happy to travel anywhere within Canberra to join a walk or hike or even to go towards Southern beaches. Please reach out if you're interested.

Igor P

19-Dec-21Hiking -Advanced

Cheltenham VICMale

single day hikes mostly

Flynn Noakes

05-Dec-21Hiking -Intermediate

Sydney NSW19

I’ve spent 2021 decking out my van and am wanting to spend 2022 hiking around Australia. I would love someone to travel with. I’m free from Feb- Dec 2022 and am willing to drive across the other side of the country!

Rose Gibson

24-Sep-21Hiking -Intermediate

Alexandra Hills QLD 4161Female, 38

Hi there, I just started to love hiking and been hiking for more than a year now. I'm looking for a hiking buddy in my free time like on weekends every fortnight or can do weekdays too for a short hike or bushwalking during school hours. I can travel far on weekends but just locally during weekdays. If you're an outdoor enthusiasts like me, benevolent and positive-attitude person please feel free to message me and let's make lots of fun, adventurous, memorable hikes. ??

Yasmin Alshoubaki

15-Jun-21Hiking -Intermediate

Mulgrave VICFemale, 25

I really enjoy hiking and I am interested in hiking more often. Feel free to reach out if you are keen!

Peter Hamilton

13-Jun-21Hiking -Intermediate

Fitzroy North VICMale, 39

Love hiking. Would love to do more on weekends. Shoot me a text - 0411088720

Robert Purdon

04-Jun-21Hiking -Intermediate

Sylvania NSW

looking for a hiking buddy.

Phil AP

06-May-21Hiking -Intermediate

Runcorn QLDMale, 24

I have been hiking for a long time. I've done most south east Qld difficult hikes. I also work as a volunteer in missing people searches in the bushland so my navigation skills, and other fundamentals are very competent. Looking for a training partner for longer day hikes.

Rachel Cogdon

22-Jan-21Hiking -Intermediate

Armadale VICFemale, 31

I’m hoping to find someone or a group that is interested in day trips and overnight trips. Keen to travel around victoria and ideally interstate!

min feng

21-Dec-20Hiking -Intermediate

Melbourne VICFemale, 36

I am here to look for someone or a group to do some challenge hikes, since all of my friends love their couches more than nature, it's extremely depressing if you feel the same please contact me

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