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michelle hodges

06-Jun-14Hockey -Beginner


Looking to play in a competitive team of people roughly my age. I am very athletic and coordinated but new to the sport. Any night. Areas around Hawthorn would suit best.

Mary Fairburn

28-May-14Hockey -Advanced


I'm a 20yr old 1st's Hockey player who is looking to gain some extra fitness and help out wherever I can. My positions were mainly forward or defence. I've played basketball on and off for many years since I was 9 and I just enjoy the sport a lot.

Sally Moore

26-Mar-14Hockey -Intermediate

WATSON, ACTFemale, 32

Looking for a fun new sport to play to meet new people, be active and have fun. Available weekends or Wednesday nights. Preferable location would be north side but willing to travel.

Nicole McCabe

20-Nov-13Hockey -Intermediate


I am 20 year old Female interested in joining a mixed social team. I have recently moved from new Zealand and I have played the game since I was young. I am available weeknights and weekends. I live in Bayswater. I am committed reliable and willing to travel.

Isobel Nicholson

05-Jul-13Hockey -Beginner

BURSWOOD, WAFemale, 34

Looking for a beginner hockey team near Vic park.

hayden green

09-Jun-13Hockey -Advanced

BYFORD, WAMale, 32

I am looking for a mens team to join, south of the river preferably. Have been playing for 20 years, Any help in joining a club or getting a run with a social team would be awesome. Cheers

Annie Bramwell

02-Mar-13Hockey -Intermediate


I have just recently moved here from New Zealand with my partner and was looking at getting into some social groups. Last year i graduated and received a marketing degree, now looking for work in Sydney. I played hockey during high school and was in the first 11. I am 21 years of age and am looking at playing hockey socially. I'm unsure of how to go about getting into a social team but would love to play socially for an intermediate team. Thanks, Annie.

Thalia Lammers

15-Nov-12Hockey -Beginner


Searching for a social hockey team to start up again. Have been playing hockey for 3 years, but has been a few years. I am from The Netherlands, recently moved to Australia and seeking for a new challenge in sports and a fun way to meet new people. Living in Essendon, but able to travel with car. Available weeknights and weekends, motivated to train on a regular basis! Let me know if you have a spot in your team.

Adrien Moureaux

19-Oct-12Hockey -Advanced


I've been playing hockey for the last 12 years in Belgium and won the championship a couple of times. I just love it and I want to keep playing here. Whatever, the team and level, indoor or outdoor, I just want to play

Laura B.

15-Oct-12Hockey -Beginner


I have recently moved to Perth and am looking to get into social sports. I played my first season of hockey with friends last year. I'd be looking to join a team for fun/social aspects and fitness.

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