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Rohit Singh

19-Jun-19Indoor-Cricket -Advanced

Wentworthville NSWMale, 32

I have played a season outdoor cricket and currently playing outdoor cricket for north Sydney leagues. I want to join a team to play indoor cricket. I will be regular to the game.

Dylan Owen buoy

05-Apr-19Indoor-Cricket -Intermediate

20 Bamford Avenue, Westmeadows VICMale

Hi my name is Dylan I am 27yrs old I love to play cricket all the time I have autism and uncontrolled epilepsy but don't worry I always have support workers with me who know what to do and I have a helmet to wear too it's football time now I don't like footy can U call my mum 0481178995 if I can play mon or Tues or Thurs or Friday nights are ok I have been playing outdoor mainstream cricket on and off for 17 yrs I live in westmeadows but can travel with my support workers I am good at bowling and want to keep playing till next summer season starts again with my other good cricket mates from dylan

Vineet Babbar

13-Mar-19Indoor-Cricket -Intermediate

Bayswater North VICMale, 37

I'm based at Bayswater North, VIC. I haven't played cricket for long time now. At the time, played at the university level. Now, would like to start playing indoor cricket to socialise and for fun. I'm available on the weekends or the evenings on the weekdays.

Raz Knight

29-Jul-18Indoor-Cricket -Advanced

Cherrybrook NSW 2126Male, 46

Being new in Aus, played top level for years in home country (S/Africa) , looking to join a gr8 team at CastleHill or Hills Indoor Arena. Avail most week nights. Thx

David Hamann

12-Apr-18Indoor-Cricket -Beginner

Chatswood NSWMale, 38

I played Cricket from the age of 8 to 18. I was a good bowler. Looking to play either competition or casual games. I live in Chatswood so anywhere on the north shore would be good. I'm available anytime as I work from home.

Vijay Ragavan

11-Apr-18Indoor-Cricket -Beginner

Sydney NSWMale, 30

Hello, I am an advanced player in outdoor cricket. I am playing cricket all my life. However, I am new to indoor-cricket. I really like to give a try and play the indoor format of the game I love.

Adam Ellis

13-Mar-18Indoor-Cricket -Intermediate

Newtown NSWMale, 27

I am 26 years old and i have just moved to Sydney from Perth, I have played indoor cricket for 8 years and have played outdoor cricket at a high level. I am looking to join a social team on any night that suits.

Ray Pilkington

07-Jan-18Indoor-Cricket -Intermediate

Male, 44

Play anywhere any night. Experienced.

Shrikant Vatpal

06-Jan-18Indoor-Cricket -Intermediate

Brisbane City, QueenslandMale, 32

I played indoor as well as outdoor cricket since childhood.I am available on weekend as well as on nights . I would like to join a cricket club.

Nagarjuna Kommuri

26-Sep-17Indoor-Cricket -Advanced

Parramatta, New South WalesMale, 29

Played for an year in Melbourne, moved sydney recently.

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