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Tayla Sheedy

13-Jan-20Netball -Advanced

Willagee WAFemale, 25

Hey! I just moved to Perth from Brisbane and am looking to join a netball team for fun, fitness and to meet new people. I usually play GA, GS or WA but am open to play another other position if necessary. I have about 8 years of Netball experience and absolutely love the sport. I’m available to play anytime as I am still new in Perth and have no other commitments. Super excited to join a new Netball team and make new friends :)

rolex Ta'ala

11-Jan-20Netball -Advanced

Macquarie Fields NSW 2564Female, 18

I am 18 years old and have been playing netball for 12 years. Currently moved to Australia from NZ. I am looking a for a netball club to persue my passion within the netball industry. I am located in Macquaire Fields, looking for an easy base to get to. I can play down either ends of the court and am a awesome team player.

Kerry Thompson

09-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Sydney NSWFemale, 25

Hey! I'm Kerry, 25 year old from the UK and I've recently moved to Sydney. I've played since school and over the last year I played in a league for my 'Flaming Flamingos' team, and I'm so sad to have left the team back in the UK! I'm not ready to give up playing so would love to join a team in Sydney. I'm available any night or weekends in the Sydney NSW area. Let me know if you have any open spots :)

Alia Wells

07-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Parkville VICFemale, 32

I am a senior (32yo) centre court player hoping to find a club that plays competition matches out of Parkville. I live in Flemington and willing to travel to training at surrounding areas. I have played the last four seasons in Perth – Open comp (Perth Netball Association) and can provide a reference from my coach if required. I am available all week nights for training and matches. My preferred positions are C, WA and WD and I am willing to try out to see if I am a fit for your club.

Ashleigh Baker

06-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Thomastown, VictoriaFemale, 29

-Looking for a social team -can play either end if needed - Did play saturday netball last season and social prior to that - looking for flexibility due to my work schedule - Prefer women but open to mix at mid to higher levels. - Locations: SOR, near Cockburn

Hollie W

05-Jan-20Netball -Beginner

Caroline Springs VICFemale, 33

I need to get my bum into gear and get some form of fitness in my life,... Best suited in wings or defence positions, however if the team's happy to have a laugh at my expense I'll give shooting a go! I played a lot as a kid, but only 1 season as an adult... this could be fun ?? Western Suburbs on any week night.

Joie Ng

05-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Willetton WAFemale, 15

shooter, preferably GA but would be happy to try out any positions

Leonie Beach

05-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Killara NSWFemale, 36

I'm looking to join a social netball team. I've been playing netball since my school days and through uni. I've also played for work corporate events too. I'm relatively fit and prefer playing positions of C, WA, WD. I'm available on weekends.

Ruth Williams

01-Jan-20Netball -Intermediate

Gilles Plains SAFemale, 32

Hi, I’m a new mum that is looking to get out and play netball again for bit of fun, socialising, fitness and also to have a little ‘me’ time again. I played netball for over 10 years, which included some district and state junior teams, but haven’t played in 5 years now. I can play any position though I’m not really a shooter. I mostly played GD. Any night of the week is ok with me as my mum has agreed to babysit when I’m playing. I’m located in Gilles plains and am happy to travel a little bit.

Tahbisa Deng

30-Dec-19Netball -Beginner

Joondalup WAFemale, 19

hi, I am looking to join a netball club in Joondalup near me . I can play in the open division or under 20s. I enjoy playing netball and I am looking to be fit and be apart of a team.

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