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Sally Christie

16-May-21Netball -Intermediate

Dianella WAFemale, 33

Hi, I'm a 32yo female. I used to play netball for the districts team when I was in high school but haven't played since. I would love to get back into it, but will be a little rusty. My position is C. I'm free every night after 6pm and I live around Morley with a car for transport.

Lizzie Morse

15-May-21Netball -Intermediate

Southport QLD28

Hi! I’d love to join a netball team with a great bunch of girls. Looking to get back into the sport after a number of years off to make new friends and for something fun and a little bit competitive. I’ve played numerous years of netball in WD and GD mainly, but also WA and C. Can’t shoot for sh** so I’m not your gal if your needing a shooter :) I live in Southport, very close to Ashmore and Bundall. Would be happy to drive to surrounding suburbs. I’m available every day from 4:30 onwards.

Breanna Goodman

11-May-21Netball -Intermediate

Boronia VICFemale, 25

Basketball player who has previously played netball for fun. Looking for a social team to play in on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday nights. Previous postions - GA / GS Locations preferred - Knox, Wheelers Hill or surrounding suburbs.

Alice Langridge

09-May-21Netball -Intermediate

East Victoria Park WAFemale, 29

I have recently relocated from NZ to Perth and am keen to play competitive or social netball. I have played outdoor winter netball for many years. My positions are WA, C and WD but will play wherever needed. Not that familiar with Perth yet, however venues near Vic Park would be most convenient for me.

Rochelle Hall

07-May-21Netball -Beginner

Kingsley WAFemale, 37

Beginner seeking to join a team NOR \, Avail most nights not weekends.

Sarita Abbott

05-May-21Netball -Beginner

Alkimos WAFemale

Hi I'm a 28year old female looking to join a fun netball team that plays weekdays at night. I use to play in highschool so I'd love to get back into it again. I live in Alkimos so preferably something close to home.

Haareesha Om Prakash

05-May-21Netball -Beginner

16 Winnipeg Street, Seven Hills NSWFemale, 14

I'm a beginner and wish to learn and play netball.

Zayan Gaskin

02-May-21Netball -Advanced

Haynes WAFemale, 18

I have been playing netball for the past 6 years. I'm able to play WA, GK and GA. I'm looking for a team to be apart of and be able to have fun and compete in games. I am available on the weekends, Mondays, Thursday's and Fridays. I am able to get to training and games on time and I live in Armadale.

Ashley Thompson

01-May-21Netball -Intermediate

MacGregor ACTFemale, 32

I am looking to get back into playing netball on a regular basis. I played competitively for 10+ years but have not played for some time so looking for a fun, social team on any evening (except Monday), If you are looking for a player, please get in context.

Janelle McKay

29-Apr-21Netball -Intermediate

Surfers Paradise QLD 4217Female, 42

Interested in joining a non comp group locally hopefully on a same day and time basis. Not experienced but have played the sport. Would like to be informed of availability Times and days to see if I am able to commit (work related) Located in Surfers Paradise.

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