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Rachel Loong

31-Mar-12Netball -Intermediate

LYNEHAM, ACTFemale, 45

I've played netball in primary school and early high school. I am available all evenings except Thursday. I'm interested in joining a team and getting some exercise!

Megan Preston

22-Mar-12Netball -Intermediate


Am Looking to join a netball team, ladies or mixed & any night of the week. Live in Belconnen but am happy to travel as far as Woden. Love netball and am looking to join a team to have some fun and get some exercise :-)

Kate McGinness

21-Mar-12Netball -Intermediate

ARANDA, ACTFemale, 30

Hey there, I played netball for 11 years but in the past 3 years haven't played and would love to get back into it. I just moved to canberra and think it would be a great way to get fit, have fun and make some friends on the way. I live in Belconnen but am willing to travel to wherever, I have my own car. Thanks, Kate :)

Rachel Ong

16-Mar-12Netball -Intermediate


Hi I'm looking to join a social netball team. I played representative netball through school and a few games here and there in the last few years. Will be a little rusty to start off with, but will be fine after I get back into it. Happy to travel for training and games but my preference would be for either Lyneham or Tuggeranong. Happy to even substitute for someone for a few games here and there if you are short on players. I can play anything but Centre. :-) Thanks Rachel

Jo Meehan

05-Feb-12Netball -Beginner


I'm new to Canberra, hoping to join a social netball comp. I played when I was a student and while not a standout player, I thoroughly enjoyed the game. I want to use netball as a way to stay fit, active and meet new people. I'm available all weekdays and weekends. Can travel for training and games.

Grace Foo

01-Feb-12Netball -Intermediate


I'm 24 and used to play netball competitively back in my school days and trained 3 days a week for 5 years. I haven't played properly since 2007 but would love to pick up the sport again. I don't mind playing at either a social or competitive level. I live in the Bruce area and am available during weeknights except for Saturday. I'm happy to join a team anywhere Northside or in the city area. My preferred positions are GA/WA/C.

Lorinda Watson

29-Jan-12Netball -Intermediate

CRACE, ACTFemale, 39

Hi, I would like to join a netball team for fun to keep my fitness up. I am 29 and live in the Gungahlin area. I am available in the evenings after work and on the weekends.

Lauren Devlin

23-Jan-12Netball -Intermediate


hi I just moved to Canberra and would love to play netball for a team that enjoys the game and plays in a social comp. I played netball for about 8 years when i was younger and recently pucked up the game last year playing in a social comp. I am a tall person and like to play either GK or GD. I am available weekdays after 5 and on the weekend.

Christi Buckley

28-Nov-11Netball -Intermediate


I have been playing Netball on and off for about 10 years. I usually play centre but am happy to play WA or WD. Would really like to get my skill level up to play rep again one day.

Natalia Meneghetti

26-Nov-11Netball -Intermediate


Hi I'm looking to join a netball team during the first netball season of 2012. Ive been playing for a few years and usually play WA or GA but I'm happy to give anything a go. I live in belconnen so would prefer to play on the northside, possibly in Kaleen or somewhere close and during weekday nights.

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