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Gemma Beggs

18-Aug-17Netball -Beginner

Lyneham, Australian Capital Territory, 2602

I played advanced netball for 5 years in high school. After coming back from injury I'm looking to play a beginner/social competition during the week in Lyneham. I used to play GD/GK but will happily swap around. I'd love to get a team together asap before grading is finished.

Racquel McCall

06-Aug-17Netball -Intermediate

Kambah, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 31

Hi! I started playing netball at 4 yrs old and played winter and summer comps until 18 yrs old, but haven't played in a long time. I'm interested in joining a social team to gain some fitness and friends. Defence end - may need to be GK for at least a few games until I get a bit fitter :-/ looking for evenings, Weston and Tuggeranong would suit best. Racquel.

Therese Canty

07-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale

Hi guys! My name is Therese and I'm 25 years old. I'm relocating from Sydney to Canberra at the start of August and I am super keen to keep playing netball. I've played netball for the last 15 years and at the moment I play two nights a week and on Saturday afternoons. I'm looking for a week night social comp team (or two) who need another player. I am happiest in C and GD but can play any position you might need me for! Happy to travel to anywhere in Canberra for the comp. If you need another player please get in touch!

Gemma Lawrence

03-Jun-17Netball -Intermediate

FARRER, ACTFemale, 33

I play Thursday nights socially at Lyneham. We are looking for another player to join our team! Preferably someone who can play GA/GS, but really whatever position we can make work! We are a fun bunch of ladies who like to have a good run and also have fun! Let me know if you're interested!!

Grace Stripeikis

30-Apr-17Netball -Beginner

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 34

Hello! Looking to join a social netball team on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday to have a laugh and keep fit with others.

Rebecca Ufer

27-Mar-17Netball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Hi everyone, I'm looking for some more people that are keen to get out and play some netball! I have two teams that I am part of, all on he look out for some extras players that can make most weeks. We aren't super competitive, but we love getting out and having fun. There is Tuggeranong on Tuesday nights and Weston Creek Indoor on Thursday nights, both of them have game fees of approx $11-13 a game. Game times generally range from 6-9/10 pm depending on the centre. Let me know if you're interested!

Ashlee McElligott

07-Mar-17Netball -Intermediate

Harrison, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 30

I'm 25 years old and new to Canberra and would love to join a women's netball team. I played during school and am looking for a mostly social and slightly competitive team. I'm tall too which is handy. I used to play defence but open to anything.

Letisha Davies

17-Feb-17Netball -Intermediate

Tuggeranong, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 28

I have been playing netball since I was 8 years old. I use to play Representative netball in QLD from when i was 13 - 18 years old. Although I haven't played for about 5 years. I am looking for a team to have a run around with and get my feet back into the game.

Treena Hermansen

15-Nov-16Netball -Intermediate

Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 32

Just moved to Canberra from Sydney. Played competitive rep netball throughout all my teens. Haven't played consistently for a few years now. Looking for a social week night team to join, have a run around and get my feet back for next years Saturday comp.

Ashna T

31-Oct-16Netball -Intermediate

Turner, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale

Looking for a social netball team to join! Prefer weeknights and close to Turner/Braddon. I have played netball now for about 5 years - stopped playing over the last few years due to work and travel commitments but I'm looking to get back into it! I generally play C/WA/WD and can also play GS/GA.

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