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Tim Dowell

11-Oct-16Netball -Intermediate

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 38

32yo male netballer - been out of the game for three years, but played on and off for 7 years. Experienced in WA/GA, but happy to play anywhere. Available to play at Lyneham any night of the week.

Elyse Kelly

03-Oct-16Netball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 35

Hey all! My team has recently split up :( we played together for 5 years, and previous to that I played by for 6 years! I am on the hunt for a new team! Either full on games or 5 a side. I play GS or GA and any night is good for me :) happy to travel all around ACT and even Queanbeyan. Shoot me a message

Elle Pegg

29-Aug-16Netball -Intermediate

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale

I've moved to Canberra recently and looking to play netball and meet new people. I played for 11years so I know what I'm doing. I'm keen to get back into it, whether it be competitive or social. I play mid court but happy to go wherever I'm needed (except shooting). Available any night of the week :)

Alex Pearce

18-Aug-16Netball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 41

Hi. Looking to join a club in Canberra. I am 6' and usually play GK/GD. Preferably join a fun weeknight mixed comp (any night).

Maria Giannasca

23-Jul-16Netball -Advanced

Acton, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 37

Hi Ladies :) My team and I are searching for a couple of ladies that would be interested in playing some fun, social & competitive netball permanently on Tuesday evenings at Lyneham ACT netball centre. Comp starts 12 Sep 16 - 23 Mar 17. Team nominations due this week so hoping to put a submission in tomorrow to secure our spot. Our team has a mixture of Intermediate and advanced players. We are looking for some defenders or players that would like to alternate positions between defending and mid court . let me know if you or any of your friends are keen us and have some fun :)

Jenny Coal

23-Feb-16Netball -Intermediate

Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 42

Looking for a female interested in playing in our Thursday evening Lyneham competition Team with bunch of friendly ladies. Pref. play WD or GK or GS but we move around ad-hoc if you like. Competition is Div 3 so Intermediate+

Nina D

21-Oct-15Netball -Intermediate

Belconnen, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 31

Hi, looking to get back into netball after a few years without playing. Played all my life and played mostly in the centre court area but like to play in most positions. Looking for a weeknight social team that is competitive but likes to have fun! Would be great if the Como was in the north side of Canberra but can travel to play. Thanks (:

Rebecca Ufer

20-Oct-15Netball -Intermediate

Banks, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 32

Hi all, I am looking to put a team together in Canberra South. Ideally playing at the indoor centre in Kambah, I'm looking for all skill levels to compete in a social competition. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail!

Grace Fitzgibbon

12-Oct-15Netball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 29

Hi, I have recently moved to Canberra and am looking to join a netball team. I play C and WA. I live in Casey so preferably Gungahlin/Belconnen/Lyneham area. I have played netball all my life. Thanks

Belinda Hotere

11-Sep-15Netball -Advanced

Forde, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 39

Moving from sydney to Canberra and looking to get into social competitive netball.

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