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Lucinda Garrido

29-Jun-13Netball -Advanced

WATSON, ACTFemale, 39

Hi, I've just moved to Canberra and am looking to join some netball teams for fitness and to get my skills back. I've previously played for clubs in A2 at the SNC Vic and 2A at the SNC QLD, as well as div 1 & 2 social comps and A grade mixed netball. I'm a GK/GD and can play GS in social comps. I'd like to play in Lyneham and am available any evening and weekends. Cheers.

Natasha Kidd

11-Jun-13Netball -Intermediate


Hi my name is Natasha. I'm 22, wanting to play Netball at Lyneham, Belconnen or North Side on weeknights Monday-Friday. Would like to join a ladies or mixed team. Have played netaball since high school and through university. Play GA, GS and happy to play GD. :)

Janice Brown

27-May-13Netball -Intermediate

BRADDON, ACTFemale, 38

Hi, my name is Janice I'm 29 and looking for a netball team to be apart of as I am missing it. I'm from New Zealand and have a lot of experience in netball. Please contact me if you have a position for me in your team. Thank you.

Jenna Morrison

18-Apr-13Netball -Intermediate


Hi, my name is Jenna and I'm 25 and interested in playing some social Netball. I have been playing Netball since high school but as usual work and life takes over so I haven't played for a while and I have recently just had a baby. So I'm looking for a bit of fun and to also meet new people and get FIT again. I look forward to hearing from you. Cheers

Kim Wearn

10-Apr-13Netball -Beginner


Hi Guys, I'm 28 and looking to find a social team in the evenings/weekends. I haven't played since high school, would like to get back into the netball scene and meet new people. Look forward to hearing from you!


06-Apr-13Netball -Beginner


Hi there, I'm 26 and looking to find a social team in the evenings/weekends. I havent really played since high school, used to be in representative teams but its been awhile ! Would love to get back into the netball scene and meet new people. Was a mid court type player. Look forward to hearing from you!

Lauren Gibson

27-Mar-13Netball -Beginner

LYNEHAM, ACTFemale, 37

Hi there, I'm looking to join a beginner level team to play socially in the evening. I'm 28 and haven't played since school. I'm really keen to get back into playing netball and meeting new people. Thanks! Lauren

Ruth Spencer

20-Mar-13Netball -Intermediate


Hi I am 42 year old lady wanting to commence netball again in a social capacity. I played for many years until I was 27 yrs. Would love a Monday school hours competition or night time competition. Please let me know if player needed. Northside or Lyneham preferred.

Andrina McLean

24-Feb-13Netball -Beginner

PAGE, ACTFemale, 36

I am a 27 year old new mum looking to be active in social netball again and am interested in making friends as well. I played netball all through school and has played socially over the years. I haven't played recently as I moved to Australia 4 years ago. Happy to play around Northside.. Any days would suit. Looking for a team to join. Please contact me if you have any availability on your team. Thanks!

michelle fowler

22-Feb-13Netball -Intermediate


Hi there! I'm a 31yr old mum of two looking to get back into netball during school hours anywhere in canberra but would have a preference for Southside. Represented for state during my teens as both GA and C but shooting and overall fitness needs some refreshing. Looking for a reliable team that is interested in some fun and fitness. Also happy to be a fill if there's a team looking for someone! Previously played 2-3 games a week so happy to get back to that! Feel free to contact me via email or phone!

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