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Social and mixed netball is popular and played throughout Adelaide. Here you'll find plenty of players and netball clubs around Adelaide.

Sarah R

09-Jul-15Netball -Intermediate


Looking for a strong female defender. We play on Thursday nights at Marion leisure centre. We are a nice friendly team. Please either email or text me on 0401738601.

Tiffany Anderson

30-Jun-15Netball -Intermediate

Sheidow Park, South AustraliaFemale, 33

Hi my name is Tiffany. I am 26 year old female looking for a social netball team to join. I have had a lot of experience playing all throughout primary school and high school. I then went on to play social netball for a local recreation centre. My team broke up approximately 2 years ago and i am looking to get back into playing. I may be a bit rusty on my skills but i am very familiar with all the rules/positions etc. I do work shift work but i am reliable and can accommidate netball games around work. I am living down south but don't mind travelling. I am looking around hallet cove, aberfoyle park, morphetvalle, glenelg, marion area.

Megan Johnson

21-Jun-15Netball -Intermediate


Social netball team (female only) playing Tuesday nights at Marion Leisure Centre looking for a strong shooter to join our team. Season starting July 21. Please message if you are interested :) (GS/GA only sorry as other positions are filled)

Louise Jolley

16-Jun-15Netball -Intermediate

Glenelg North, South AustraliaFemale, 40

Wanting to join a team to get back into playing


13-May-15Netball -Advanced

Burton, South AustraliaMale, 46

Mixed Netball - played for many years, had 18 months off and now looking to get back into it again. I'm Matt, 39 and still quite agile....6ft....and usually play GD or GK, however have played everywhere except shooting. Looking for a more social team/comp rather than serious. Preferred night is Monday nights, but will also consider Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sunday nights. Would prefer within 25 minutes of Parafield Gardens, Golden Grove, Ingle Farm, St Claire etc Ph 0402 098 599

Sam Bond

09-May-15Netball -Beginner

Glenelg, South AustraliaFemale, 39

Hi, I am 32 and looking for a social netball team to keep fit and meet people. I haven't played in a long time but used to be very competitive and would like to get back into it. Happy to travel to training and matches - please get in touch if you know of a team.

Georgia Graham

29-Apr-15Netball -Intermediate

Bedford Park, South AustraliaFemale, 31

Hi I am looking to join a netball team for some fun casual exercise. Have played netball since I was little, but have had a couple of years off. Just moved to Adelaide from Melbourne so would love to get involved here. Happy to play any position. Available Monday - Thursday nights!

Sarah Redshaw

27-Apr-15Netball -Beginner

Kurralta Park, South AustraliaFemale, 27

Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm 20 years old. I'm looking to play netball for fitness, fun and a bit of competition. I am available nights & weekends and I'm willing to travel a little if necessary. I don't have a lot of experience in playing netball but I'm a quick learner and love a challenge.

Elle Howell

19-Apr-15Netball -Intermediate

Henley Beach, South AustraliaFemale, 32

Hi, my name is Elle and I am 25 years old. I am looking to join a social netball team for fun and exercise. I use to play in primary and high school, club and school netball but not so much in recent years. I played end of last year each Wednesday night at the Marion Lesisure Centre, on the women's night. I am looking to join a team in Western suburbs, no further than the Marion Leisure Centre. I play C, GD and WA but I am happy to play any of the positions. Available every weekday evening except Tuedays, some mornings throughout the week, and Sundays. My number is 0481224661 if any teams are interested or any individuals want to create a team. Thanks =)

Paige natalie Newbery

13-Apr-15Netball -Intermediate


Hey , I'm 25 years old and have played a variety of sports from netball to volley ball and rugby. I'm looking at joining a netball team or starting a new one. I live at flagstaff so I belive the hub is the closest but I also have my own transport I'm av any night and on weekends.

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