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Social and mixed netball is popular and played throughout Adelaide. Here you'll find plenty of players and netball clubs around Adelaide.

Sarah Winston

12-Apr-15Netball -Intermediate

GRANGE, SAFemale, 47

Looking for ladies for a woman's comp on Wednesday morning. Games are at 9.30 and 10.20am at St Clair in Woodville. We play for fun and exercise. All positions needed. Interested? Call Sarah on 0417679808.

Yvonne Douglas

25-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate


Most of our players in the team (including myself) have played since childhood. We have all different ages in our team just no stability or constant players. Some we have lost for medical reasons or injury so we are desperately looking for new players.

Yvonne Douglas

25-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate


Hey Guys. We are looking for a long term player. Preferably in shooting. We play Mondays at The Gardens and Wednesday's at Ingle Farm Rec. But we are always looking for players which is why someone long term qould be really good. Please dont hesitate to contact me directly on 0418569812. Thanks Evee

Sanja Zubcevic

24-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate

BROMPTON, SAFemale, 32

Hi! I'm a 24 year old female in Adelaide hoping to find a women's or mixed team to play socially with. I played all throughout highschool but haven't played since then, really looking to get back into it for some exercise in a social environment! I live in Brompton so anywhere nearby would be good but not necessary. Looking forward to hearing from you hopefully!

Charlotte Grant

24-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate

ADELAIDE, SAFemale, 34

Hi, I have recently moved to Adelaide and am looking to join a ladies or mixed social netball team. I used to play seriously way back at school but am now just looking for a bit of fun, fitness and to meet some new people. I am happy to play any position. Please flick me a text if you need any players 0406660374.

Kate Hassan

16-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate

SEAFORD, SAFemale, 32

Hi, we are seeking Ladies to join teams within our Social Netball comp. Our games are held on a Monday night between 6.20 and 9 pm. If you are interested please Call Kate on 0414470529 Seaford Rec

Demi Knoblauch

14-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate

SEAFORD, SAFemale, 31

im Demi and im looking to join a social netball club. I used to play a lot at school. My positions were mainly defence and sometimes a shooter. I am available all weekdays. Looking for more southern area.

Ashley Muldrew

12-Mar-15Netball -Advanced


Hi there, I've played netball for many years when I was younger, and I'm looking to join a fun and social netball team (either female or mixed), playing weeknights. I'm happy to give any position a go, but used to play GA/WA/GS. I live in Fullarton, so somewhere nearby would be ideal. Hope to hear from you! Ashley

Kamal Guron

07-Mar-15Netball -Beginner


Hey there- me and my partner Will would like to get involved in some team sport- we are new to Adelaide. Both of us are wanting to join a mixed netball team. I haven't played since I was in high school, and Will hasn't played at all, so we are definitely beginners! Just wanting to have a bit of fun, get some exercise and meet some new people :) We are available all weeknights after 7pm. We can figure out schedules if we find a team. We are both Chiropractors so can hopefully make sure the team stays injury free!!

Jess Butler

03-Mar-15Netball -Intermediate


Hi! We are looking for junior players aged 7 to 13 to play outdoor netball at Elizabeth. Training 4.30 to 5.30 Wednesday afternoons, games Friday nights. Fees are $115 and uniform $65 . Also, looking for senior players. Games are Wednesday nights. Fees are $125 plus uniform $65/$90. Season starts in April. Call (0416 764 186) or email ( for more details.

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