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If you’re looking to play competitive or social netball around the Brisbane area, the following people may be of interest. There are plenty of indoor netball clubs around Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

Laura White

28-Sep-17Netball -Intermediate

Brisbane, QueenslandFemale, 31

Hi, I'm a 26 year old who has recently moved from the UK. I have been part of a netball club since I was 10 and I mainly play GK/GD (but will happily try else where). Preferably looking for a competitive club to join who train as well as play matches. I am a doctor though so may not be able to give 100% attendance due to work commitments. Currently based in New Farm, Brisbane.

Kirsty Mc

11-Sep-17Netball -Intermediate

Mount Gravatt, QueenslandFemale

Hi, I'm looking for a team on Monday nights at SNC. I haven't played for a couple of years due to work, but played regularly prior to that. My preferred position is WA but I'm flexible.

Dani Wiseman

23-Aug-17Netball -Intermediate

Labrador, QueenslandFemale, 35

I've been playing netball since I was 10 and was quite competitive when I was at high school. Lately, have been doing social and mixed. Play defence mainly but can do c or wa if needed. I've just moved to the Gold Coast so could play any week night probably with 6pm being the earliest I could get there from work. Only wanting to drive 20 min max.

Elizabeth Talita Fela

11-Aug-17Netball -Advanced

Slacks Creek, QueenslandFemale, 30

Hi i have played netball sense i was 8 i love the sport.it has been awhile now sense ive played and i really will like to get back into playing looking for any team around the logan area to join as i live in slacks creek.I am available Monday nights thru to friday nights.

Sara Schulz

30-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Labrador, QueenslandFemale

Keen to join a netball team. Played a lot but not in a few years.

Samantha Miller

13-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate


Looking for ladies to join a full court indoor team at mt Gravatt on Wednesday nights, preferably a defender. Please message me if interested :)

Tanja Carlo

10-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Brisbane, QueenslandFemale, 45

I am looking for some people to play indoor netball and put together a team to play at brisbane indoor sports in Darra or a mixed team at Salisbury Sports Centre or both if I can get enough interest. Need 3 guys for mixed. Looking for reliable players to play every week. I've played netball for the past six months at Salisbury but played previously many years prior to this. I am also available to play as an individual. I play any position.

Janean Cater

21-Jun-17Netball -Intermediate

Coolangatta, QueenslandFemale, 36

Hello. Just moved to kingscliff and looking for a social netball team. Used to play rep a long time ago but just looking for some fun. Can play any position but prefer shooting.

Annelise Browne

21-May-17Netball -Intermediate

Coorparoo, QueenslandFemale, 30

Played for my entire life up until about 1.5-2 years ago. Will play anything but C (Shocking shooter though!) Available to play any weeknight around Brisbane City/South Brisbane, indoor only as I have trouble seeing outside at night!

Vanesa Bolz

10-May-17Netball -Advanced

Ormeau, QueenslandFemale, 42

All rounder except C Prefer GS GA WA WD GK

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