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If you’re looking to play competitive or social netball around the Brisbane area, the following people may be of interest. There are plenty of indoor netball clubs around Brisbane and throughout Queensland.

Lisa Calligeros

04-May-17Netball -Intermediate

Sunnybank Hills, QueenslandFemale, 30

We are starting a team at Cannon Hill on Wednesday night (ladies competition). We are looking for people who are competitive but like to have fun. We are looking for some versatile players to join the team who can play centre court and someone with shooting skills!

Marnie Chapple

18-Apr-17Netball -Intermediate

Brisbane City, QueenslandFemale, 23

Looking to join a netball team somewhere in the Brisbane area. Not too fussed about where. I played in high school and then again socially afterwards, been over a year since I have played a game though. I generally like attack positions but honestly position wise I don't have a preference. Just looking for a social team so I can be active as well as meet new people

Kristy Daly

02-Apr-17Netball -Beginner

Jimboomba, Queensland, 4280Female, 41

I played in my teens but would love to get back into it, I played positions WA and WD I am available weeknights any time after 6:00pm and any time over the weekend

Fran Muddaris

02-Apr-17Netball -Intermediate

Loganlea, QueenslandFemale, 29

Hey ladies and guys I'm looking to join a netball team! I'm 24yrs old and have played it for about 10years. Anyone know of any teams I could join? I'd prefer it to be around the Logan area but Ill travel. Thanks

Hazel Taia-scott

01-Mar-17Netball -Intermediate

Bellbird Park, QueenslandFemale, 26

Hi all, Just looking for a netball team that i could join. Use to play competitive in positions GK GD & WD in NZ but that was about 3 years ago. Im tall and averagely fit (wanting to improve fitness) Been living here for 2 years now and missing the sport so much! Furthest i am willing to travel is 40mins tops. Looking forward to meeting new people and having a good time whilst getting fit!

Lucy Hall

26-Nov-16Netball -Beginner

Surfers Paradise, QueenslandFemale, 37

I'm new to the Gold Coast and I am interested in joining a Netball team on the Gold Coast (north end if possible as I live in Surfers). I haven't played for a long time but want to get back into it and make new friends at the same time. I used to play GA and sometimes GS, GD or GK (i'm fairly tall) I also liked playing WA. Would love to get playing in the new season.

Krista Mitchell

15-Oct-16Netball -Advanced

Toowoomba, QueenslandFemale, 41

Have recently moved to Toowoomba from Country NSW. Have been playing netball for 15 years mainly in Perth for a variety of clubs. Available any day or night, happy to play in any grade of team (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Can play any position apart from centre until the fitness kicks in ??

Laura Matthews

08-Oct-16Netball -Beginner

Hope Island, QueenslandFemale, 40

Hi I moved here from Scotland a year ago. I am looking to join a netball team. I played years ago and loved it I used to play WA/WD/C. Would love to be part of a team where I can meet new friends and build my fitness and skill back up. I am available week nights and weekends. Able to travel all over Gold Coast I hope to hear back soon ??

Sacha Halley

08-Oct-16Netball -Intermediate

Tamborine, QueenslandFemale, 32

Hi! :) I'm wanting to join a netball team long term! I've been playing since I was a child and mainly play GD/GK however can jump into any position if required (apart from GS or GA). I moved from Sydney 6 months ago where I was part of a great team! I'm tall and fairly fit (I need to build my fitness back up again however!) Let me know if you're looking for players! I'm based at Tamborine but will travel to the Gold Coast or Brisbane. I can only do nights due to work commitments however. Thanks!

Felicity Organ-Moore

25-Sep-16Netball -Intermediate

Cairns, QueenslandFemale, 38

Hi :) I moved to Cairns about eighteen months ago and had a team when I first moved up but fell away due to work being very busy through winter. Looking to try to get back into it now, not super fit but keen to go hard and get it back. Have always played netball until the last few years, just haven't been in one place long enough to commit to a team (lots of time on the road for work until I settled up here). I'm happy to pick up a team OR just play fill for whoever - mixed or ladies, any night (I do shift work and am not always regularly available but happy to play any night I'm not working). I am a defence player at heart but can shoot OK and happy to play anywhere except C until I get my fitness levels back. Felicity 0448 686 210

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