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There are plenty of netball teams around Melbourne looking for players at various skill levels. If you're looking to play a bit of social netball in Melbourne, check out some local netball clubs as there will always be netball teams looking for players.

jessica hogan

18-Sep-17Netball -Advanced

Brunswick, VictoriaFemale, 33

Hi, I'm looking for a intermediate to advanced netball team to join. Play in the midcourt, WA and C mainly.

Stephanie De Francesco

14-Sep-17Netball -Intermediate

BELL, VICFemale, 38

Thursday night ladies social netball team in Northcote looking for a permanent player that can play either WD, GK, GD, or GS . Please message if you are interested. Thanks again!

Leah White

10-Sep-17Netball -Beginner

Glen Waverley, VictoriaFemale, 29

Hey, I am 24 years old and looking to join a netball team! Mixed or ladies, I do not mind. I haven't played in a team before, however I do couch it at school so at least I know the rules. I am available Mon-Thurs in the eastern suburbs.

Cristy Aston

01-Sep-17Netball -Intermediate

DINGLEY, VICFemale, 44

Looking for a GS or GA to join our ladies team on a Monday night at Gloria Pyke for the new season. We finished 4th in section 1 this season and about to start finals. Games are normally $4.50 - $6.50 each week and a $1.00 door entry. There is also a one off team rego cost of about $7.50 and you must be VNA registered which is $79 a year. Game times are starting 7.00 - 9.00. Looking for someone reliable and looking to join a laid-back fun team. Please PM me.

Olivia Sykes

27-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Melbourne, VictoriaFemale, 25

Hi there, Looking for a social netball team or group as I am new to Melbourne. Have played for 6 years but have had a break lately and keen to get back into it.

Emily O'Connor

25-Jul-17Netball -Advanced

Port Melbourne, Victoria23

I am moving to the area soon looking for a reasonably competitive team to play for for the spring season, I am a shooter can play mid court to and have been playing since I was little I am 18

Trevor Mann

23-Jul-17Netball -Advanced


Hi I'm in the millpark area and I'm looking at joining a team or 2 any nite apart from mondays and Wednesdays happy to travel

Mary Delight Jayme

15-Jul-17Netball -Beginner

Springvale South, VictoriaFemale, 29

Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in Netball looking to join a team around South-East, Melbourne as more of a social sport. Available to play Saturday/ Sunday during the day. Look forward to joining a team.

Tess Zanca

14-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Sandringham, VictoriaFemale

Weekday availability. Looking for social netball team. Experienced player. Mainly defence. Bayside suburbs

Dannia Suafoa

11-Jul-17Netball -Intermediate

Burnside, Victoria, 3023

Our team - Game On - plays in the top ladies division at Parkville on Mondays and Thursday nights and we are looking for a permanent shooter. The Spring season starts end of July. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks.

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