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Ellie Vincent

20-Sep-19Netball -Advanced

Camberwell VIC 3124Female, 24

Hi, I played netball for 13 years, haven't played in about 3 years, really wanting to get back into it and get my fitness up. I'm available most nights except Mondays and not available on Sundays. I can play anywhere except GA or GS.

Caroline Tongahai

17-Sep-19Netball -Intermediate

Hillsdale NSWFemale

Interested in playing if any Summer comps this year. I'm from the Eastern suburbs so no issue with travelling Thank you

Hattie Dinger

10-Sep-19Netball -Advanced

Sydney NSWFemale, 26

A keen Netball player looking to join a social team or a more advanced team in the Eastern Suburbs / CBD of Sydney. Happy to play anywhere but usual positions are C, GD or WA.

Holly Keel

08-Sep-19Netball -Beginner

Ridleyton SA

Hi my name is Holly, I’m 25 years old. I used to play netball when I was younger but when we moved overseas they didn’t have it so I changed sports. I’d love to get back into a social team and meet some great people! I’d be available Tuesdays or thursdays and prefer the CBD or western suburbs but can be flexible if it’s not too far away!

Beth Arbery

31-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Marangaroo WAFemale, 19

Played in high school, been around 2 years since I’ve played. Really miss the game and being part of a team. Looking to get back into it for the fun and fitness. Available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday nights. Will go anywhere within a 30 minute drive, preferably around Perth CBD

Laura Ing

31-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Hamilton Hill WAFemale, 25

Hi :) I've played netball on and off since my teens and looking to get back into it. I play defence positions and am available tuesdays and thursdays. I'm looking for a social team C or B grade but I can also get quite competitive;) Hoping for Melville, Attadale, Cockburn areas

Heather Edwards

31-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Walkley Heights SA 5098Female, 28

I played netball for many years before stopping and having kids. I would love to get back into it and build my fitness level again. Hoping for North-North East area

Jacinta Coppin

24-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Banksia Grove WAFemale, 21

I’ve been out netball since 2016, I’ve played for my school for 4 years I’ve played WA and GA. I’d love to get back into it. I’m available evenings and weekends. I’m looking for clubs in or around Banksia Grove and Joondalup.

Amelia Hulcombe

23-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Cheltenham VICFemale, 23

23 years old - Previous netball player in highschool. Wanting to play for fun and fitness. I am able to travel along the Frankston line. Available weekdays and weekends

Meg DY

20-Aug-19Netball -Intermediate

Preston VICFemale, 30

Hi! I’m looking to play in a team in the Melbourne Northern suburbs. Anywhere in the inner city suburbs is good as I live in Bundoora. I play on Tuesday nights already but am looking for something extra. I’ve played squad, coached and played for football netball teams. I usually play GD but can move around anywhere. Send me a msg!

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