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Zoe Coates

02-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Abbotsford VICFemale, 25

Hi, I am an English girl looking to join a club for the remainder of the season. I have played for over 15 years and am really keen to continue playing and developing my skills! I played GA before I left England in November 2017 but prior to this played WA/C as well. I am available any evenings to play.

Rebecca Goddard

31-Mar-19Netball -Advanced

St Kilda East VICFemale

I have just moved here from the UK and have been playing netball competitively for the past 11 years. I really want to play for a team over here socially and competitively! Please get in touch if anyone knows of any positions available. I play defence :) Weekdays are preferable!

Emily White

27-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate


South Upwey Netball Club is looking for new players for season 2019. Season has started and Defenders are preferable. Please contact Emily 0488456616

Kali Fisher

25-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate

Tea Tree Gully SAFemale, 31

My name is Kali and I am looking to play netball again. I am 30 and available to play week nights. Would like to play: North North-East East locations.

Brydi Toyne

22-Mar-19Netball -Professional

Anakie VICFemale

Looking for a gk to join anakie netball club A grade side. Play Saturday and train thur nights. Part of the Geelong district football/netball league. Please contact me if interested.

Bree Segaert

22-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate

Maylands WAFemale, 30

Looking to join a netball team near by for some fun and exercise. Used to play for a team near Kingsway a couple of years ago and we trained 2 week nights and then played a game on the weekend which I would like to find again ??

Andrea Campbell

17-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate


We are looking to play the Winter ladies comp (most likely Thursdays) at the centre in Lyneham but need a couple of extra ladies to join our side. ust be happy to commit to playing games at times between 6pm and 945pm (we understand things pop up sometimes and can work around that). Players of any positions welcome. While we play to have fun, we are looking for people who have lots of experience playing the game.

Wai Wah Lam

17-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate

Thornlie WA 6108Female, 51

Being an active person l have always loved playing netball in school. I would like to participate in any position in a team.

Mary Robinson

13-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate

Banksia Grove, Western AustraliaFemale, 34

Hello! My partner & I would like to join a netball team. We have not played for a while. I played gs and he played gd. Just looking for a friendly fun team to get back into it! Somewhere North of the river if anyone has space on their team? Thanks??

Abigail Czudek

12-Mar-19Netball -Intermediate

Canberra ACT

Hello, was wondering if there was a team looking for a mid courter! I am available at nights and live in Watson but am willing to travel for a team!

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