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About Chak

27-Sep-18Netball -Beginner

Wyndham Vale VICFemale, 23

Hello, I have always loved playing netball, as I grew older I became unfit and stopped playing.

Dhara San

25-Sep-18Netball -Beginner

6065Female, 29

I am keen to join a team and am very fit. Played all through high school and uni life and require a little bit of practice to get me in the rythym. I am a physio so could be very beneficial to your TEAM.

Sophie Peacock

23-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Thorngate SA 5082Female, 21

My name is Sophie, I'm 20 years old and have recently moved back to Adelaide. I have played netball for most of my life and would love to start playing again in Adelaide.

Rachael Burgess

20-Sep-18Netball -Advanced

Maroubra NSWFemale, 27

Hi, I'm looking for a social netball team to join... Mixed or ladies, fast 5, whatever! I can play any position if necessary, but prefer C, GD or even shooting. I'm available weeknights, except Wednesdays and live in Maroubra.

April Burdon

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Adelaide SAFemale, 21

I previously did netball throughout school and I am now looking to get back into it for fitness and socialising. I am available most nights and weekends as I am currently at university. I live centrally and I am happy to drive a short distance out of the city.

Veronica South

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Renown Park SAFemale, 18

Hi, I'm a 17 year old who is currantly studying in year 11. I am very passionate about netball as I love working as a team! I lost interest in netball the past years since I've been studying and focusing on my subjects. I would love to join a netball club to meet new people and show my competitive side. I am always ready for a challenge!

Katy Crowther

11-Sep-18Netball -Beginner

Scarborough WAFemale, 35

I arrived in Perth a couple of days ago and would be really keen to get back into netball. I have not played for a long time but keep very fit and hopefully won't take too long to blow the cobwebs away! At this stage I do not have any commitments so am available any day.

Nathaniel Davison

11-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Mile End SAMale, 42

Hi, I have over a decade of playing both Attack and defense, I'm 6'3 which would be a great advantage to the team! I am very keen to find a mixed team, I am free evenings and weekends and can fill in in needed also. I live in Mile End, Something close ish would be fantastic. :)

Alice Dodd

10-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Kings Cross, Potts Point NSW26

Just moved to Sydney from London and looking to find a social team to join. I’m 25 - Played through school, college and uni and looking to pick up again. WA or GA/GS but i’m 5”5... Would travel half hour from CBD and play indoor/outdoor most week nights. Bonus if there’s socials etc x

Sarah Dynon

09-Sep-18Netball -Intermediate

Cockburn Central WAFemale, 19

I play in all defence and centre. Looking for a permanent club ??

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