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Auxilia Mumba

06-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Everard Park SAFemale, 19

I would like to find a club or team to join. I am able to play any position but I mostly prefer centre, wd or wa. I have played netball for as long as I can remember. I am pretty good at it.

Linda Geralis

05-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Oakleigh South VIC 3167Female

Hi all I am 42 yrs old and retired from netball 10 yrs ago. Might be a bit rusty and match fitness poor, but I am looking for a social team to ease myself back into the game. I was normally a mid court player, but use to play wherever I had too (prefer not as a shooter). I am in between jobs so possibly unavailable Tuesday Wednesday Thursday nights (pending on roster and should know in advance). Looking to play around Oakleigh/bentleigh and surrounding suburbs.

Belinda Moore-Gilbert

03-May-19Netball -Intermediate

South Yarra VIC 3141Female, 29

I’ve played netball all through high school and university but not in the last 4 years so might be a bit rusty to start with but looking to get back into it. I am quite tall and generally play in the goal circle - either shooting or defence (GS, GA, GD, GK). Inner city locations and weeknights work best.

Annie Choi

02-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Riverton WAFemale, 16

Have been playing netball at Fremantle Netball for clubs for 6 years now, currently looking for a social netball team nearby as i'm too late to register for club netball. Played in higher grades in defence positions GD,GK and WD. Just looking for abit of fun and to fill my void of netball, turning 17 this year. Prefer south of the river locations :)

Mia Thompson

30-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Hampton VIC 3188Female, 26

I am looking for clubs to play for in the Bayside area, Melbourne (I am in Hampton). I have played Rep level as a defense player, happy to play GD, GK and have dabbled in centre court.

Kate Holmes

28-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Yokine WAFemale, 31

Looking to get back into social netball for fitness and fun. I used to play C/WA (outdoor netball) at school but I haven't played in 10+ years so will be a little rusty to begin with. Much better suited to attack positions, being 157cm. Flexible with days, NOR would suit :)

Cerys joyce

27-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Kensington VICFemale, 34

34 yo female living in flemington/Kensington area looking to play local netball (competitive or social) and also make some friends. Looking for a Saturday competition or week night (Monday or Thursday) Have intermediate experience but have not played for a few seasons. Typically play in C/GD but happy to play in the wings too.

Taylor Dykstra

27-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Ringwood VICFemale, 18

I’ve been playing netball for 10 years at social, domestic, representative and competitive levels and I love all sides of the game. I am available any night. I play GS, GA, WA and GK

Hayley Christie

27-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Botany NSW18

I am 18 years old and have recently moved to Sydney from New Zealand, to attend a full time dance course. I have played netball since I was 5 years old. Right through school in the top team and joint club netball in my last years of school. I play WA/GA. I dance all day Monday to Thursday, so my evenings are free. I am available weekends at the moment as I don’t have a job yet.

Tayla Suiker

26-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Newport VICFemale, 27

I played Netball from 5 years old to 18yo in the western border league in Vic which meant training twice a week and represented the league every year. I am usually a GA, but can play any attack position including Centre. When I moved to Melbourne I tried to continue playing but found it really hard to find something similar plus the social life of Melbourne got in the way. I have played 4 seasons of social netball but my competitiveness gets in the way and Ive realised I like being in a good comp with likeminded players. I’m available every night and Saturdays. I’m probably a little rusty to head straight back into A grade but would enjoy a div 2 (B grade) or similar. I live in Newport so somewhere in the city, north or west would suit :)

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