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Elliott Barsby

13-Sep-10Running -Advanced


Hi there, I work in North Sydney and am a keen runner.I like to run across the bridge at lunch (work permitting) and/or after work and would love to have someone to help push me further. Please feel free to contact me

Tony Horstman

09-Sep-10Running -Intermediate


Returning to running after a 6 year break, searching for a much gentler way to run and enjoy just being on the road. Plan to run 2011 Perth marathon, but without race pressure or particular expectations. Looking for a training partner in Maylands area or nearby, flexible with distances, times and days.

AnhTuan Ngo

09-Sep-10Running -Advanced


Hi guys, I am looking for a regular tennis partner. Live in South Yarra so anyone who lives near by is an ideal. I also swim, run and gym in a regualar basis.

Lynsey Trench

06-Sep-10Running -Beginner


Looking for a running partner. Im a bit unfit, but I would be reliable if I had a workout partner.

Lori Belt

05-Sep-10Running -Intermediate


Run approx three days per week for general fitness.

Martijn Tiemens

21-Aug-10Running -Intermediate


Currently only run once a week (Sunday morning) and I would be interested in increasing that a little bit(e.g. run one weekday evening). I did run quite a bit before (New York and Rotterdam Marathons for instance) but I am (unfortunately) not in that shape anymore. When I run I generally run around 12K and that takes me around an hour. I live in Paddington I prefer to run around that area.

Louise Walker

18-Aug-10Running -Advanced


Hi Looking to find a running partner around the North shore/Eastern suburbs. I run approximately 14kms per day (6 days a week)

Rachael Ferry

03-Aug-10Running -Intermediate

JOLIMONT, WAFemale, 32

Hi all, I have set a goal. A marathon before I turn 25. That leave me 18 months. I used to run a lot in high school, but in the last five years it has oly been the occasional one when i felt like it. Now i am running 4 or 5 times a week again. I am looking for someone to run with, in the Subiaco and Jolimont area. Early mornings are acceptable as are evening or weekends. i dont mind just want to have someone to train with and get some miles under my belt.

Kate Marshall

21-Jul-10Running -Intermediate

MAYLANDS, WAFemale, 39

Hi guys, I am currently seeking a running partner for the Maylands, North Perth area, I used to run alot of half marathons and have completed one marathon in my time, however am ideally looking to do it again to keep fit and tone up. If anyone is keen I am pretty flexible in terms of running times and just finding it hard to motivate myself. Thanks I look forward to hearing from you.

Erica Baylis

13-Jul-10Running -Intermediate

COBURG, VICFemale, 44

Hi I am looking at running with someone a few times a week I am not a fast runner I just enjoy it and I do a lot of fun runs mostly 5 kms but want to start to do 10 km runs. When I run it is more of a jog and I make sure that I complete the distance that I have set for myself. Regards Erica

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