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Daisy Seq

01-Apr-12Running -Intermediate

CASULA, NSWFemale, 58

Looking for a dance partner to go either classes or local clubs. Bankstown sports club is a great place!!

Helen Hayward

26-Mar-12Running -Beginner

BICTON, WAFemale, 61

Just starting back out after year long ankle injury and looking to find a partner for motivation.

Mick Dippa

10-Mar-12Running -Advanced


Looking for people to go running with around The Tan (Melb Botanic Gardens). While I'm no professional, I can do one lap in under 20 minutes so looking for someone of roughly equal ability. Available weeknights and all day on weekends.

Karen Gold

16-Feb-12Running -Beginner

BONDI, NSWFemale, 48

Am looking for somone to walk/jog with in the Bondi area early morning for.. Have not exercised in 5 years and need to start

Philip Partridge

14-Feb-12Running -Intermediate


been off the road so to speak for a bit now but need to get back in the habit

Pikucha Sandoval

30-Jan-12Running -Intermediate

MASCOT, NSWFemale, 34

well i consider my self fairly good at running

Hannah GH

08-Jan-12Running -Intermediate


Looking for a running buddy for 2012 in the Eastern Suburbs (I'm based in Edgecliff). Havn't run in a few months so starting at the bottom but considering running a marathon at the end of the year so need to get the ks up! Will be starting with a slow 3-5ks and working up from there. Would love someone to run with after work and/or weekends. I'm 24, female, work 9-5 weekdays.

Sally M

26-Nov-11Running -Intermediate

GRANGE, SAFemale, 44

I am looking for a running partner for motivation. I currently run around 8-10kms and run each km just under 5minutes and 30seconds. I am looking to increase speed and distance. I live in the western suburbs of adelaie and currently run around Grange/Henley area. Afternoon/nights and weekends suit me best but I can do morning runs too, if I someone to meet.

David Magyar

24-Nov-11Running -Intermediate


Adventure running in the bush

Mhairi Dupre

15-Nov-11Running -Intermediate


Hi I love running and used to do 8-10k 3-4 times a week, not nearly as fit now but want to get back into it! Like running in a group or with a running partner. Mornings or evenings fine, probably looking at 5k at slow pace just now.

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