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Sean Tan

30-Nov-17Swimming -Intermediate

Clovelly, New South Wales, 2031Male, 30

I swim regularly at least once a week, usually on Monday evenings or sometimes Thursday evenings Location: Usually at Cook & Phillip Aquatic Centre

Pauline Chan

27-Oct-17Swimming -Beginner

Parramatta, New South WalesFemale, 29

Hi new friends, I have learnt swimming in winter (breaststroke, backstroke) and am looking for friends who like swimming to help me with improving my breaststroke. I am free on Wednesdays and some weekends. I am happy to travel around Sydney - just need to be in pools with water depth <1.4m (not very good in deep water for now). Thanks so much in advance :-)

Emma Pass

17-Nov-16Swimming -Intermediate

Fremantle, Western AustraliaFemale, 37

Hi, I'm looking to join a team for social / fun competitive sport. Have played elite / pro sport for 10 years, recently retired and looking to meet new people and be part of a team. Available weeknights, possible weekends,

Sam Little

07-Nov-16Swimming -Beginner

Sydney, New South WalesMale, 34

Interesting in swimming partner

katherine michael

10-Aug-16Swimming -Intermediate

Beaumaris, VictoriaFemale, 21

I live in Beaumaris and would love a swimming buddy to help train with me. I competed in school swimming sports for a number of primary schools years as well as high school. Would love to get back into it again. i am available saturday, sunday, monday and tuesday preferably in the morning as the pool at Sandringham leisure centre gets used for classes at 8am.

Tommy Fisher

31-May-16Swimming -Intermediate

Western Australia, 6170Male, 37

Love to do laps at local pools. Lookingfor someone to join me!

chis george

27-May-15Swimming -Professional

Melbourne, VictoriaMale, 30

im looking for someone who enjoys swimming as i enjoy water sports such as diving water polo as I've seen it on tv during the olympic games and the commonwealth

Juliana Gusmao

08-May-15Swimming -Intermediate

PERTH, WAFemale, 31

I usually swan in competitions in brazil when I was a teenager and now I am starting my practice aiming to complete a Triathlon, but I would also be happy to join swimmers team/events

taz au

27-Dec-14Swimming -Intermediate


now & then

Darren Sambell

12-Mar-14Swimming -Beginner

GRANGE, SAMale, 31

Getting back into swimming as an adult after I had swimming lessons when I was in primary school. I can swim backstroke 50m nonstop but come up about 20m short when swimming freestyle (breathing technique is probably flawed). I like to swim at the new aquatic centre in Marion but happy to try out other swim centres. Available outside 9am-6pm job.

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