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Paul Courier

07-Jul-23Kite Surfing -Intermediate

Southbank VIC27

Hello, Looking someone for session in Melbourne ! I started kitesurfing in France and i came to australia with my gear; let me know

Ravs Malik

20-Mar-23Kite Surfing -Beginner

Thornhill Park VICMale, 45

Hi there, I’m a beginner of this amazing sport. Moved back to Melbourne after a stint in south Africa. Looking to meet up with people who can help a newbie get into the sport and buy my first kite. I can offer my great company and a beverage of choice as the fee. ??

Yaron Kraushar

17-Mar-19Kite Surfing -Beginner

Orrong Road, Toorak VICMale, 36

Hi, Looking for another beginner to go together, and practice with the kite. Cheers,

Andres Sanche

28-Feb-18Kite Surfing -Beginner

Docklands VictoriaMale, 30

Hi, I am 24 years old im looking for some Kiters arround i have a north evo 9.

Lincoln McDonald

01-Nov-16Kite Surfing -Beginner

South Fremantle WA 6162, AustraliaMale, 40

Hi I'm a beginner with about 35 sessions under my belt. I often go by myself as I live across the road from the beach in South Fremantle however it's always more fun to go with mates I usually just ride freestyle but am happy to go on down-winders or even try wave kiting a bit more. I'll happily take advice on where I can improve. I'm available during the week and on weekends as I work week-on-week-off.

daniel fels

02-May-16Kite Surfing -Beginner

Thornbury, VictoriaMale, 40

ive always wanted to give kite surfing a go....if anyones going on an adventure and has a spare kite surfer i would be totall keen. i can wakeboard and snowboard if thatll help

Matthew Lambert

23-May-14Kite Surfing -Beginner


Hey never tried but would like to learn if your willing I'm a fifo worker so can only have a crack every second week.

Mathew Ross

23-Mar-12Kite Surfing -Beginner


this is on my list of things to learn and then swap the board for a snow board ..... who needs a lift ticket lol

Emma Pearce

21-Feb-12Kite Surfing -Beginner


Just had my first 2 lessons one more to go :D cant wait need beginners to head out with :)

Alice Teoh

22-Dec-11Kite Surfing -Beginner

COMO, WAFemale, 39

I am really looking forward to learn kiteboarding/surfing with a buddy at Elemental Surf, Melville.

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