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Natalina Palamara

10-Dec-22Pilates -Intermediate

Woodville North SAFemale, 26

Hi my name is Natalina Palamara, I am 171 cm tall, I am 58.6 kilos (129 pounds) and I have been doing Pilates for 3 years now, I am also expanding my knowledge by doing a extensive premium Pilates course.

Janice K.

08-Jan-19Pilates -Beginner

Sunnybank QLDFemale, 41

I hear this is good exercise for loosing weights... never done this before, but have done few sessions of yoga in the past

Emily Z

10-Jan-18Pilates -Intermediate

Bentleigh, VictoriaFemale, 36

Bayside area.

Luke Styles

24-Sep-17Pilates -Beginner

Sunbury, VictoriaMale, 38

Hi looking at getting into rock climbing. Looking for a buddy to climb with. Available most weekends and some days through the week.

Lisa Ginnane

15-Feb-12Pilates -Beginner


Looking for a good pilates class in Ashfield/Croydon/Summer Hill.

Geraldine Middleton

10-Feb-12Pilates -Intermediate

BULIMBA, QLDFemale, 40

I am looking for a pilates class to join. I am new to Brisbane, having just moved from Scotland in the Uk. I was a regular at my local gym, going two/three nights per week for classes, one of which was pilates. I also used DVDs at home occasionally when I couldn't manage to attend my class. Looking to get back into it. My general fitness is quite good, as well as gym classes I participated in Irish Dancing classes one night a week for the last three years. I'm in Bulimba but can jump a bus or city cat to travel to a class. Looking forward to exercising again!

Kelly Weir

03-Mar-11Pilates -Intermediate


I have done pilates at home for years but would love to advance in it if i had the chance

Janice Verschuere

17-Sep-10Pilates -Intermediate


Moving to Springbrook soon and looking for a class or like mindeds that would like to join me. Mudgeerabara is not too far for me to go either to join you.

Claire Farrell

22-Jul-10Pilates -Beginner

GLENSIDE, SAFemale, 41

I have recenlty moved to Australia from the Uk. I would like to meet some new people and to get into pilates without having to pay for gym membership. I am available week days after 6pm and weekends and live near Burnside village shopping center.

Elyse Tamme

19-Apr-10Pilates -Beginner


Hi, I am looking to start doing pilates somewhere. I have never done it before, i have done yoga. Any suggestions where to go?

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