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Jessie Stuart

21-May-16Rollerblading -Advanced

Riverview, New South WalesFemale, 43

Looking for other girls that enjoy outdoor rollerblading. I've been skating for many years and love it. I live in Riverview, right next to St. Ignatius College. Very open availability. Prefer mornings.

Angie Larcher

23-Oct-13Rollerblading -Beginner

KIARA, WAFemale, 39

Hi, i am interested in a little bit of everything and open to most things. Looking to commit to something once a week, after hours for general fitness. NOR is best. I used to be very active, sports captain at high school etc but have lost my way in the last decade :) happy to meet new people and try something new like squash, cycling, badminton, rollerblading,netball, i'll give anything a go.

Tanina Davenport

17-Sep-12Rollerblading -Beginner


I imagine I will be a little unsteady at first but would like to have a go with someone at a similar level. It's been many years since I have put on a pair of roller blades.

Paul Sid

03-May-11Rollerblading -Intermediate


roller hockey

Audrey Chan

29-Mar-10Rollerblading -Beginner


Have been rollerblading for 1 yr. I'm available weekdays Tue-Fri and some weekends. Locations that are convenient would be northside parks\city. I particularly enjoy rollerblading in southbank, newfarm, Kangaroo Point.

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