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todd q

14-May-16Boxing -Beginner


Looking for someone for one on one boxersise Happy to travel and prefer afternoons

Michael S

29-Mar-16Boxing -Beginner


I've done boxing pads daily for about 3 months. Lost a good 5kg in that time, and I'm looking to continue with someone who is available at least once a week.

James Shaw

11-Apr-15Boxing -Beginner

CARINE, WAMale, 29

Hi I'm James. I'm healthy and go to the gym occasionally. But I've got the worse hand-eye coordination, and would like to improve it. I'm free any day of the week. Looking for good people and new friendships. I've got a boxing bag and have thrown a few punches in my time, but have never had any training. Open to possibilities

Dom Anthony

10-Nov-14Boxing -Intermediate

Docklands, VICMale, 53

looking for people who are interested in belting the pads with me.

Angela Edwards

04-Jul-14Boxing -Beginner


Looking to start boxing training in the Mulgrave area. Would like to get fit and improve my eye hand co-ordination.

Martina Smidt

24-Mar-13Boxing -Intermediate

EKIBIN, QLDFemale, 33

Want somewhere on the south side of town, nothing to far away or expensive that I can train at and learn new skills.

Mikayla Willis

15-Jan-13Boxing -Beginner


Always been interested in boxing. I want to do it as a competition. I am aware that a fair bit of training is needed but I'm willing to work for it :) I'm strong and I have a killer punch on me. I'm available tusdays preferably, Fridays and some Monday nights

Anthony Tattersall

16-Oct-12Boxing -Intermediate

MENORA, WAMale, 31

- 12 fights as amateur, trained since I was 14 and still love training now - Available any day of the week - Preferably in the Menora area

Bob H

15-Aug-12Boxing -Beginner


Any body keen on boxing training please drop me text or call early morning or after 5 p.m Mon-Fri & Sunday morning

Lorin Hallam

15-May-12Boxing -Beginner

COOMERA, QLDFemale, 31

I really enjoyed going to Group Boxing Work out sessions in Burleigh, but can't seem to find one to fit the time i am after, for through the week after 6pm. Thanks

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