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Adele Li

20-Aug-17Hiking -Beginner

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 49

I really enjoy going out hiking. It would be good to find people who I can go hiking with. I'm reasonably active and fit. Weekends are better for me. As I'm living in the south, city area and areas near the south are more convenient for me, such as Glenelg, Marion etc.

Chris Schwegler

11-Oct-15Hiking -Advanced

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 45

Looking for hiking buddies

Sarah Goh

22-Jul-14Hiking -Intermediate

PARKSIDE, SAFemale, 52

Around Adelaide

M.J #

21-Dec-11Hiking -Beginner

FINDON, SAMale, 41

i love it but i'm inexperienced.. i got the stamina for it.. but don't hav the guts to go alone

David G

22-Aug-10Hiking -Advanced


I have been going hiking for a long time in a number of different locations. I have been on group hikes before and they are usually really fun. I am looking for people to go hiking with on a casual basis.

Lyn M

25-Sep-09Hiking -Beginner

ADELAIDE, SAFemale, 42

Looking to start hiking.

Jason Otto

21-Jul-09Hiking -Beginner


I completed PE in year 11 and year 12 so I have a good knowledge of a lot of sports. Mostly played soccer only in school but want to join a team sport to meet and make new friends and to keep fit.

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