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Lucy White

23-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Melbourne VICFemale, 23

I've recently moved to Melbourne from the UK, where I played netball at club and county levels. I've played for roughly 8 years, mainly centre court positions WD/C/WA. I live in central Melbourne so would be looking at clubs close to the city centre, but am also happy to travel.

Joanne Speckleton

22-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Hornsby NSWFemale, 25

Hey, I am looking to play Social Netball one during the weekday evenings and/or at weekends. I have been playing the sport since I was at school in the UK, but have been out of the sport since being in Aus for about a year or two now. Looking to join a friendly team in a close radius to Hornsby preferably.

Laura Hodgson

17-May-19Netball -Beginner

9 Ashley Avenue, Quinns Rocks WAFemale, 23

I played netball at school, I just really want to get back into playing.

Margaret Barnes

15-May-19Netball -Advanced

Wheelers Hill, VictoriaFemale, 54

Hi Advanced players Our premier league Saturday team need a GD/GK playing each week at 305pm at jells park glen waverley, must be of standard!... Contact me at Marg Barnes 0413331220

Dinhara Jayawardena

14-May-19Netball -Beginner

329A Benara Road, Morley WAFemale, 16

I have played netball before in primary school and after trying multiple other sports would love to get to do this again! I am available on Friday evenings, Saturdays & Sundays and would prefer locations in Morley, Noranda, Malaga or Mirrabooka

Robyn Buisson

14-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Glenelg East SA 5045Female, 25

Hi, I'm Robyn-24 female, I used to play regularly whilst I was at school but haven't for a while. I am very tall! (185cm) And also just want to come and meet people etc. I am free any weekday evening, live in Glenelg so somewhere close to that would be perfect!

Lucy Burt

09-May-19Netball -Beginner

Bellfield VIC

I'm available to play Tues-Friday night's. I usually play GK, GD, WD or WA. I'm happy to travel but would prefer in Melbourne (ideally north of Richmond).

Maraea Potaka

09-May-19Netball -Intermediate

147 East Road, Hocking WAFemale, 28

Hi, looking to play netball again. Haven’t played for a few years, but would love to get back into it. Unfortunatley I work shift work and my roster varies but will do all I can to makesure I can play regularly. Unable to play Monday nights as I play another sport. Thank you ??

Kaye Hui

07-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Mount Gravatt QLD47

2 of us looking to play locally in Mt Gravatt in a social team. GK and GS/WA/WD. Have seen better days lol... not as fit as we once were but keen to play if anyone is looking for extra team members please message me on 0434995978

Danielle Thompson

07-May-19Netball -Intermediate

Craigmore SAFemale, 23

I started playing netball when I was 6 years old. Since then I have played for school, carnivals, clubs and socially. I last played in 2016 and would love to get back into it. I have played all positions at some stage, however, before I stopped playing I was mainly in GD, WA, WD and C. Happy to play any position and willing to travel anywhere 30 minutes or less from Craigmore (indoor or outdoors). I am available any weeknight.

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