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Anne Tria

14-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Leederville WAFemale, 21

Played netball all throughout high school - been out of school 4 years now and would love to get back into getting fit and active again ! I love getting to know new people and keen to be apart of any team ! I played as an all rounder but main positions GA/GS. I'm available Wed, Thu, Fri nights and Weekends :)

Emily Bradshaw

14-Apr-19Netball -Beginner

3134 Ringwood-Warrandyte Road, Warrandyte VICFemale, 30

I played netball for many years when I was younger, 10 years in a row then had a few years break then did about 2 years on a mixed team. I havnt played in about 10 years but would like to start again because I really enjoyed it. I'm available to play Mon nights. Preferably no further than 30 mins away from Ringwood

Imogen Kaup

13-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Cranbourne North VIC15

I’m 14 and have played competitively against other teams in netball for over 3yrs I can play WD,GK,GS I can easily get along with others and love to play just for fun

Coral Colledge

07-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Fitzroy North VICFemale, 26

Used to play in the UK, recently moved to Melbourne and looking for a team. My work can be a but unpredible with hours so I may not be able to make all trainings or matches unfortunately but I’m competitive and looking for a good social team too. Usually play anywhere in centre court. I’ve played for 15 years Fitzroy area would be ideal but happy to commute if the team if a good fit for me. Please reach out to me, would love to get involved.

Sophia Purcell-Green

07-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Flemington VICFemale, 22

Female, 22 yo. Looking for a netball team to join within reasonable distance to Flemington, nothing too serious just keen to meet new people and have a bit of competitive fun.

Victoria Gibson

06-Apr-19Netball -Beginner

Canberra ACTFemale, 23

Looking for a social mixed team to play netball with Monday or Wednesday nights. I put beginner, although I did play for years as a child/teen GS and GA, but haven’t played for years and happy to play any position. Any location around Canberra.

chelsey raysbrook

04-Apr-19Netball -Intermediate

Bronte NSW 2024Female, 28

I have been playing netball for a team for over 10 years and am looking to join a fun, social and intermediate team that i can train and play games with! Thanks

Jaimee Grace

03-Apr-19Netball -Beginner

Carlisle WAFemale, 22

I am looking for a fun team to join, I have played in the past but it has been a few years so I feel beginner or C grade would be best for me. I’m available every day after 6.30pm! I am located in Carlisle so anything close to there would be great

Zoe Coates

02-Apr-19Netball -Advanced

Abbotsford VICFemale, 24

Hi, I am an English girl looking to join a club for the remainder of the season. I have played for over 15 years and am really keen to continue playing and developing my skills! I played GA before I left England in November 2017 but prior to this played WA/C as well. I am available any evenings to play.

Rebecca Goddard

31-Mar-19Netball -Advanced

St Kilda East VICFemale

I have just moved here from the UK and have been playing netball competitively for the past 11 years. I really want to play for a team over here socially and competitively! Please get in touch if anyone knows of any positions available. I play defence :) Weekdays are preferable!

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