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shane dempsey

10-Sep-14Orienteering -Intermediate

MALAGA, WAMale, 42

Hello - while living in Canada for several months late last year I had the pleasant opportunity to learn about orienteering. The rules over in Canada are quite confusing and it took me a few weeks of effort and guesswork to understand the basics. I considered my self at intermediate level on return to Perth and have had few chances to practice (apart from a couple of continuous weeks). I would like to meet someone in Perth, preferably NOR close to an open sports ground, who knows the rules of orienteering here in Perth, help me prepare a collaboration of what I know and what they know to be amicable and complimentary. Orienteering is a great analogy of life - if you get lost and feel like giving up there is always a map to use.

Ron B

07-Nov-11Orienteering -Beginner


Looking to find information on orienteering events. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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