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Emma M

17-Mar-10Running -Intermediate


I am a keen runner and am trying to complete the bay run at least once a week. Have recently been running it on a Tuesday evening. Would love to find a running buddy to push each other along. Currently I am running the circuit in about 37 to 40 minutes. If anyone is keen send me an email!

Sarah Rutherford

16-Mar-10Running -Intermediate

FIVE DOCK, NSWFemale, 48

I'm trying to get back into jogging but find I do better with a jogging buddy. Would be great if I could find someone to jog with twice a week. My pace however is pretty slow so you would either be getting back into it or I may be a warm up before you take off ha ha. I'm still intermittant jog/walk and am looking to get that to all jogging. I live near the Bay Walk inner west so round there would be great. I am available most mornings but quite early and some weeknights and on weekends.

Fleur Guibovich

14-Mar-10Running -Beginner


Anyone interested in power walking/running early mornings or late evenings?

Tim Powell

05-Feb-10Running -Intermediate

ASCOT, QLDMale, 35

If anyone wants a jogging partner for anything between 2km and 15km let me know. I am not pro but not slow. I would only be interested in doing this in the inner-north suburbs of Brisbane (close to Ascot).

Susan Smith

02-Feb-10Running -Beginner


34 year old female. run 3-4 days a week. early morning or evenings - can run approx 10K at a slowish pace

Marie Che

29-Nov-09Running -Beginner

SYDNEY, NSWFemale, 45

Hi, I'm a beginner runner - can run about 20 minutes at 9.5kmph. Looking to build on this but generally have run only on treadmills. Looking for others who are beginners - walking building up to running type level- to run around the city, east or inner west with me on weekend mornings. I am only here on weekends. Good luck with your running...

Veronica Tanasal

16-Nov-09Running -Beginner

KILLARA, NSWFemale, 38

Hi, I am looking for a friend for jogging. I still beginner. I am available Tuesday night, Thursday night and weekend. Locations Northern beaches or Chatswood, killara, Lindfield and Gordon area.

Emily White

09-Nov-09Running -Intermediate

BORONIA, VICFemale, 38

Hi I am interested in getting back into running professionally. Im a distance runner. My forte is 400m. I have been out of the game for awhile so I need a little bit of training.

Malia Wilkins

02-Nov-09Running -Beginner


Hi anyone interested in running in Perth city, morning or afternoons. I would be more motivated if i would run with someone. Cheers

Nesan Kistan

28-Sep-09Running -Intermediate


I run at least 3 times a week around 8km's each time at 5-6 minute km's.

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