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Max Guyatt

15-Jan-19Soccer -Intermediate

Scullin ACT 2614Male

I'm 38, 1 year in Canberra, played a dozen or so futsal seasons div2-3 in Sydney comps, played socially as much as possible, played outdoor a decade+ ago. I'm thinking of organising a weeknight social game at my local field in Scullin depending on interest. 5-7 per side on grass, 1hr game time, start around 8pm is what I'm thinking. Message if interested and I'll go from there.

Michael Doorn

22-Jun-18Soccer -Intermediate

Canberra ACTMale, 29

I'm looking to play soccer in a social comp near the CBD. Played soccer as a defender/winger from 7-22 but 28 now and a little out of practice.

Adam Delaney

30-Jan-18Soccer -Advanced

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryMale

Looking for social soccer comp at week evenings. Been playing since 4. Last ten yrs in Cairns over 35s. Near cbd isbest. 15- 20 km radius. Thanks

Anthony Pages

22-Jan-18Soccer -Advanced

Gungahlin, Australian Capital Territory

I manage a soccer team at Gungahlin FC and we play in State League 7 during the winter season. We are starting pre-season now and first game of the season is first week of April. We have a good group of guys and are looking to reinforce the team by getting a few new guys in. Especially if you are defender, striker or goalkeeper.

John K

27-Oct-17Soccer -Beginner

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 35

Hello! Looking to join a social team on working days to have fun with others and keep fit .

Grace Stripeikis

30-Apr-17Soccer -Beginner

Lyneham, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 30

Hello! Looking to join a social mixed team on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday to have a laugh and keep fit with others. Northside best for me.

Jimmy Dooris

02-Apr-17Soccer -Intermediate

Griffith, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 38

Hi I'm Jimmy, Irish, just moved from Melbourne to Canberra and would like to play in 5 / 7 aside indoor or outdoor. Just coming back after injury but I've had 3 premier trophies in Melbourne and I'm ready to play! Can work around availability and location

Karim Bahsoon

18-Mar-17Soccer -Intermediate

Kingston, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 30

HI, I recently moved to Canberra and am looking to join a team (preferably 5 or 7-a-side or futsal). I'm from the UK and have played my whole life basically, for various teams: 5-a-side, 11-a-side, futsal...looking to play some competitive league games, or in leu of that, some high quality social games. Available any evening or weekend. Cheers, Karim

Ted Oxenham

17-Jan-17Soccer -Intermediate

Belconnen, Australian Capital TerritoryMale

Hi there. Looking to play again this season. Grew up as a keeper but have had a few years in the midfield lately. Would like to play keeper again. Preferebly for a team on the north side (Gungahlin/Belconnen), but don't mind the city or Woden. Drop me an email. Cheers, Ted

Cristian Bustamante

03-Jan-17Soccer -Intermediate

Turner, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 38

Hi, my name is Cristian. I am from Chile (yes, two-times champion consecutively, I love more playing soccer). I have been playing soccer outdoor since I was a kid and playing indoor since 2 years ago joined a team in Kambah. Now I am living near the city looking for a team to join or just practice once in a while.

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