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Ronnie Karag

03-Feb-20Weight Training -Intermediate

Prahran, VictoriaFemale, 39

Hey guys, 38 female looking for a training partner in Prahran/Windsor area. Wanting to get my Squat and Press numbers up, so looking for someone with the same strength goals. Currently do HIIT Strength & Conditioning at Bodyfit, but needing to do something a little extra. Just joined up at Goodlife on Chapel Street which has decent squat racks and stuff for accessories. Hit me up if you're keen! Male or female, I don't care. Ronnie :)

Acceleration melbourne

17-Jul-17Weight Training -Professional

Parkville, VIC, 3052Male, 33

Training at Acceleration will put you into an environment surrounded by professional coaches to push your boundaries & help you achieve your performance goals. Address : State Netball and Hockey Centre 10 Brens Drive, Parkville, VIC 3052 Telephone Number : 0402 374 398 E-mail ID :

Jean Aicardi

02-Jan-17Weight Training -Beginner

South Yarra, Victoria, 3141Male, 35

Natural ectomorph 75kg at 185cm looking for someone else who needs to make some gains. Total beginner. Live around south yarra, willing to travel reasonable distances...

Carl Fernandez

09-Aug-15Weight Training -Intermediate

Southbank, VictoriaMale, 36

I work split shifts so I am pretty flexible.

Serpil Tekin

09-Mar-14Weight Training -Intermediate


Looking for a female/male weight training partner who is also a member of NUYUFitness and needs a little motivation and training partner to get fit, toned and develop some definition. I train Monday and Thursday nights and occasionally on the weekend.

Mick Dippa

10-Mar-12Weight Training -Advanced


Looking for guys to go to the gym with, as I find it hard to get motivated when going on my own. Your ability, size or age is unimportant. I am a member of Goodlife, so a fellow member would be ideal, or if not a member of any gym, then be willing to join. Available to workout weeknights and weekends.

Dollaya M

26-Apr-10Weight Training -Beginner


I am looking for a weight training partner, I am learning and I would like to get fit in winter. Free morning weekend.

Carlos Ramsey

27-Feb-10Weight Training -Advanced


I'm advanced in this sport in the sense that I have a lot of experience and know many different exercises and training techniques, however while I manage to do some maintenance level exercise, I would like to be far more consistent, so am looking for a female training partner who is not scared to get stronger, and is reliable and committed. I also have a room set up as a weights and yoga studio.

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