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christy milham

23-Feb-13Yoga -Beginner


competitive bodybuilder - trains approx 6 days a week, morning and/or evenings, anytime over weekends. been weight training for 15 years. prepping for comps in sept/oct 2013. needing to work on flexibility - interested in meeting/training with people experienced in yoga that may be able to assist me living in mt lawley area, so prefer training locally or in the city.

Natalia Restrepo

19-Mar-12Yoga -Intermediate

Carlisle, WAFemale, 33

I am looking for a class to do some yoga in the evenings, i am in intermediate level and will love to star doing some yoga again!

Josh Sain

26-Jun-11Yoga -Intermediate


tried yoga before its a hell of a work out!!!

Colin Hutzul

26-Mar-11Yoga -Intermediate


Hola to my unseen amigos! On a serious note, I have recently moved to Perth and looking to hang out with like minded individuals who are particularly into yoga. My spirit is young and energetic and always on search of a gut wrenching laugh. I usually find it too. Anyhoo, yoga it is. Cheers. Oh yes and I will be living in Fremantle as of the end of March. I am originally from Canada as well....I also dig walnuts on everything but that is far from the point right! Bye for now.

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