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shane dempsey

10-Sep-14Yoga -Professional

MALAGA, WAMale, 42

Is yoga a sport? I think we should start our own yoda club - there would be nothing more cardio demanding than to train the true Jedi way. Anyone NOR that is interested in starting Perth's first yoda club please contact me. Yoga clubs should be found on the greendreams website.

christy milham

23-Feb-13Yoga -Beginner


competitive bodybuilder - trains approx 6 days a week, morning and/or evenings, anytime over weekends. been weight training for 15 years. prepping for comps in sept/oct 2013. needing to work on flexibility - interested in meeting/training with people experienced in yoga that may be able to assist me living in mt lawley area, so prefer training locally or in the city.

Natalia Restrepo

19-Mar-12Yoga -Intermediate

Carlisle, WAFemale, 33

I am looking for a class to do some yoga in the evenings, i am in intermediate level and will love to star doing some yoga again!

Josh Sain

26-Jun-11Yoga -Intermediate


tried yoga before its a hell of a work out!!!

Colin Hutzul

26-Mar-11Yoga -Intermediate


Hola to my unseen amigos! On a serious note, I have recently moved to Perth and looking to hang out with like minded individuals who are particularly into yoga. My spirit is young and energetic and always on search of a gut wrenching laugh. I usually find it too. Anyhoo, yoga it is. Cheers. Oh yes and I will be living in Fremantle as of the end of March. I am originally from Canada as well....I also dig walnuts on everything but that is far from the point right! Bye for now.

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