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Lynn Kovich

26-Apr-17Kayaking -Intermediate

Narraweena, New South WalesFemale, 59

I am a 56 year old female interested in buddying up for any sporting activity including badminton, walking, snorkeling, swimming, boogie boarding, kayaking, golf etc. I am available every day before 5pm.

Max Oldfield

26-Feb-17Kayaking -Intermediate

Quakers Hill, New South WalesMale, 31

Hi I am looking to join a friendly but also serious club as I went Island hopping in Croatia in the summer gone with friends and love kayaking. Just moved to Sydney from England. I'm 27 years old and a personal trainer too so I am very fit.

Audrey G

28-Jul-16Kayaking -Beginner

Redfern, New South WalesFemale, 28

I'm interested in joining in on some kayaking with anyone who is either a beginner or is keen to show a newbie how it all works. I've only ever done it at school camps and things like that :p I'm fairly new to Sydney so am looking for it to be a bit of a social thing that I can do from time to time! I can usually make myself free if I need to be on most week nights and weekends. Anywhere somewhat close to the CBD would be ideal. Cheers

Lee Richards

15-Apr-12Kayaking -Intermediate


Been kayaking foir about 12 years now. Just simple stuff, hiyyinh most of the waterways around Sydney. Focusing mainly on fishing over the last couple of years.

Jennifer Jadwick

14-Mar-12Kayaking -Beginner


Just moved into the area and do not yet have my own kayak. Knowledgeable enough to be safe and to make a good safety partner, but out of condition enough to be termed a 'beginner'.

Martijn Tiemens

21-Aug-10Kayaking -Beginner


I am an absolute beginner (e.g. the only part of an "eskimo roll" I master is the first half....... getting upside down in the water); I am usually only available in the weekends and you can mostly find me on (or IN more likely given my capabilities) the Sydney harbour.

Christine Christine

18-Jul-10Kayaking -Beginner


Enjoy getting outdoors on weekend, but don't own a kayak.

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