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Joyce Akin

31-Oct-16Volleyball -Intermediate

Canberra, Australian Capital TerritoryFemale, 33

I started playing volleyball in 2004 till 2014. I haven't played since 2014 but I have started in 2016, I'm presently among a social volleyball group, we play every Saturday in Canberra. Hoping to meet someone or people to play with during the week too. Locations are in North Canberra but can negotiate locations if possible

Mitch Grant

15-May-16Volleyball -Intermediate

Gungahlin, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 28

Hey :) looking for a social soccer team, recently filled in on a friends team and remembered how fun it is! I really need an excuse to get me off the couch of a weekend :P I played quite a lot of sports growing up including hockey, soccer, volleyball, tennis and swimming. Would love to join an indoor soccer team, volleyball team or trisports :) Mainly interested in weekend comps but weeknights could work to :) located Northside but willing to travel

Jon C

10-Jan-16Volleyball -Intermediate

Kingston, Australian Capital TerritoryMale, 34

Hi there, I am new to Canberra, I am a beach volley ball player, A level. There iare now beach volley courts in Canberra. I am looking for a partner to train regularly, but also other players to pay 2*2 games during the weekend and even the week. Happy to discuss with you, so feel free to contact me, Cheers

Zaza Zainee

05-May-14Volleyball -Intermediate

AINSLIE, ACTFemale, 30

Hi, I would like to play for a team in ACT. I am an intermediate level player with few years of experience. I used to play in a team a few years back. Available any day any time except Sunday evening for now. Any area within ACT should be okay. Audition me! :)

Sally Moore

26-Mar-14Volleyball -Intermediate

WATSON, ACTFemale, 32

Looking for a fun new sport to play to meet new people, be active and have fun. Available weekends or Wednesday nights. Preferable location would be north side but willing to travel.

Nathan Streeter

19-Nov-12Volleyball -Beginner


Hello, im moving to canberra at the start of 2013 would love to get into a team for fitness/social, especially before the season starts. played very basic stuff at school in queensland, before joining the navy. let me know if i can fill a spot.

Cassandra Bryant

09-May-11Volleyball -Beginner


Hi all, I havent played volleyball since high school, but have moved to canberra from Cairns, and would love to take up a team sport - any beginner teams out there fancy taking me on? I'm free any night except thursdays, and am happy to travel around Canberra (though I'm located northside - no biggie though!).

Jay Faw

13-Feb-11Volleyball -Intermediate


Looking for games, serious or social .May be interested in fixtures too. New to town

Katie Bird

28-Dec-10Volleyball -Intermediate

KALEEN, ACTFemale, 30

Hi, Katie (22) just recently moved back to Canberra from Melbourne. Looking for a team to play on a regular basis. Used to play at school. Would love to hear from someone who is looking for a player.

Karthik V

21-Jul-10Volleyball -Intermediate



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