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Marketa Kocmanova

16-Oct-17Volleyball -Intermediate

Adelaide, South AustraliaFemale, 34

Hi, We are couple and we are looking for another two players for beach volleyball. We live close to Glenelg and we are free every evening. Marketa

Moe Hazna

06-Jul-17Volleyball -Beginner

Adelaide, South AustraliaMale, 39

I used to play volleyball at high-school. I haven't played much since, but I think I can do ok. I really would like to start playing again, once or twice a week, any place in Adelaide should be ok.

Ashleigh Sheppard

24-Aug-16Volleyball -Intermediate

Salisbury, South AustraliaFemale, 21

I've played volleyball in school for about 3 years (only in p.e class) but have recently captained the knockout team. I am available on Monday nights and Wednesday nights at any location

Alda S

21-Jun-16Volleyball -Intermediate

Northgate Shopping Centre, Northgate, South AustraliaFemale, 26

I used to play but have not played since high school. Would love to join a social team.

Al Atls

01-Feb-16Volleyball -Beginner

Norwood, South AustraliaMale, 40

I want to play volleyball again. I played in school before.

Emilee Evans

31-Aug-14Volleyball -Beginner

LARGS BAY, SAFemale, 26

Hey there, we are looking for male volleyballers around the same age range, no experience required to join our indoor volleyball team. We play on Monday nights at thebarton. Please let me know if you can play :) thank you!

Emily Dunk

12-May-14Volleyball -Beginner


Hi! I've played a variety of sports in school, so I am looking to join a team I am available to play whenever except for Thursday nights! Any location around the city is perfect for me!

Samantha Kaminski

12-Feb-14Volleyball -Intermediate

MODBURY, SAFemale, 36

Just moved to ACT, looking for a volleyball team (north side) to join. Played C grade for the last 4 years. Available Mondays, Tuesdays or Fridays.

Nathan Harding

06-Dec-13Volleyball -Advanced


Play indoor beach volleyball weekly at Modbury ICA. Interested in joining new teams and extra games if it suits schedule.

Eddie V

29-Mar-13Volleyball -Advanced


Looking for well-rounded male volleyball players. Not necessarily advanced as we are more interested to get someone who can receive and pass the ball well. Good passing is very essential for our team. Most players aspire to be a spiker but not all of them are excellent at passing and receiving. We are playing Wednesday nights at Golden Grove Recreation Center. If you wish to join us, please drop me an email at

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