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Tika Khatri

21-Apr-20Volleyball -Intermediate

Brunswick West VIC 3055Male, 23

Hi everyone, I am a 22 year male living in Brunswick West. I am from Nepal. I used to play back when I was about 15. I am really keen to play volleyball. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am free on Monday, tues Thursday and Friday evening, sometime on Saturday evening. Su

Charis Mulitalo

15-Mar-20Volleyball -Beginner

Hampton Park VIC 3976Male, 16

I'm just looking for a club to play in for either (I have no preference) fun, competitive or learn more. I have played on and off for two years and I am self taught. I am available on Monday nights, Friday nights, Saturday. I would prefer it to be around my area. Further-est I can go is Dandenong.

Mannhar Kaur

24-Feb-20Volleyball -Intermediate

Richmond VIC 3121Female, 20

Hi, I'm a 20 yr old intermediate-advanced indoor and beach volleyball player. I've played for local clubs in UAE and have been a national level athlete. I really want to play beach volleyball seriously and am looking for a female partner to practice with along with 2 others of the same level we can practice against. St.Kilda, Port/South Melb Beach work for me. Cost is a big factor so free courts are ideal. Free weekends and Fridays

Min Fu

28-Oct-19Volleyball -Intermediate

Kew East VIC 3102Female, 38

Interested in maintaining skills in Volleyball and would like to join team who play regularly in south east suburb.

Benjamin So

18-Jul-19Volleyball -Intermediate

Brunswick, VictoriaMale, 40

like to get back into beach volleyball comps at south melbourne this summer. A grade. im 176cm and weight about 66kgs. i'm right handed but can hit with both arms. i mostly play on the right side but can play both. i last played comps about a year and a half ago.

nicolas fedoroff

22-Mar-19Volleyball -Intermediate

Melbourne VictoriaMale, 29

I just moved from south of France where I used to Volleyball in High School for three years. I haven't played for a long time but will be delighted to come back to it. I used to play wing/hitter spiker. Pretty much available every nights and on the weekends. Looking forward hearing from you, best,

Mohit Arora

09-Oct-18Volleyball -Intermediate

Saint Kilda West VIC 3182Male, 32

Hi, I have played valley ball for few years back in school and I would love to get back in to it again. i Can play on week days after 6 and I would prefer to play at MSAC. Thanks

Arnold Luong

18-Jun-18Volleyball -Beginner

Mulgrave VIC 3170Male, 28

Hi I used to play volleyball back in high school and I'm keen to give it another shot. I'm looking for a social team and am open to play/practice anytime after work. Locations that are convenient to me are the South-East of Melbourne.

Lipe L

16-Apr-18Volleyball -Advanced

Clyde North VIC 3978

We are looking to recruit an intermediate to advanced player for our established Rebound Indoor Beach Volleyball division 1 team in Springvale. If you are available to play in a game slot every Monday night between 6.45pm - 8.15pm, are reliable and can commit to a fun but competitive team, I look forward to hearing from you.

Nav Silva

18-Mar-18Volleyball -Beginner

Melbourne, Southbank, VictoriaMale, 28

I'm 6'5 and I've played beach volleyball socially until last year in the US. I'm looking forward to get back into it here in Melbourne. Hit me up if anyone's keen

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